Treyarch promises 'a few surprises' for CoD5 DLC

Speaking to senior producer Noah Heller said that World at War DLC will be "off the beaten path" and confirmed that Treyarch has discussed the possibility of adding new campaign co-op missions.

He said: "We're not announcing anything specific yet but I will say we're going to support this game very aggressively. We're definitely looking at doing things other than traditional DLC. We're definitely looking at supporting it for a long time to come because we're really proud of it. There will be a few surprises... we're going to do a few things off the beaten path."

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kwicksandz5153d ago

How about making it free. that would be a pleasant surprise!

Raoh5153d ago

i'm to a point that the term DLC makes me want to vomit...

Lolliflop Lolliflop 5153d ago

Since the DLC will be exclusive to the Ps3,I expect an official announcement on the playstation blog sometime this/next week

joebahrjoebahr5152d ago

do you EVER take a break?

i bet you have hemroids from all the stress you give yourself over video games??

get a girlfriend or boyfriend and take it out on them...


i could only imagine how many accounts you have to get all those bubbles...