Why I Fell In Love With Hope In Avalanche Studios' Mad Max

Ron explains how and why he fell in love with Hope's character in Avalanche Studios' Mad Max.

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DialgaMarine159d ago

I actually really liked her as a character, but that just be because she was the only attractive female in the game’s entire world lol

Ashby_JC159d ago

She was a 10 in the game but a 7 in the real world?

The_Sage159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I'm enjoying it the game. I've not finished it yet. Just maxing out before the last mission.

getbacktogaming159d ago

I've been on the fence about playing this game but now that Rage 2 is coming out I feel like that may be a much better game...

Volitiel159d ago

Good article! I finished the game and experienced exactly what the author is describing about how the game ends. Great game!

latinillusion81159d ago

Although it was repetitive, the combat and car battles were excellent. Got it for $10 and it was the best money I spent in a while

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The story is too old to be commented.