Future Next-Gen Assassin's Creed Games Could Have Multiple Worlds and Settings

In a recent internal interview, Ubisoft spoke about how -- with advancements in technology -- future Assassin's Creed games could feature multiple open-worlds and time periods.

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chrisx106d ago

that's Interesting, aslong as each world feels different and not the same.

ninsigma106d ago

That would actually be really cool. I loved the extra optional mission in syndicate that brings you further into the future to WW2 era with a new assassin. An expansion on that idea would be awesome!

Deep-throat106d ago

Interesting. I would like to get back to AC, but I'm not feeling it. I stopped at AC3.

RuleNumber5106d ago

Oh good, even more ways to create DLC...

ShadowWolf712105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Just... just drop the AC branding at this point. Please.

All I ask is they stop defiling its corpse to sell whatever new IP this is clearly becoming.