EA Play solidified people's perceptions of EA losing touch with its fans

Chris Hyde: "And whilst I don't think the result will be a disenchanted fan base that will vote with their feet, I do think that at some stage it is only natural that they will say enough is enough."

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lociefer131d ago

How the hell do you vote with your feet

porkChop131d ago

Voting with your feet means you stop going somewhere. Voting with your wallet would have been a better choice for this topic though.

Chris_Hyde131d ago

Technically "voting with your feet" does encompass also not buying something, but I agree using the term wallet may have avoided confusion https://dictionary.cambridg...

SolidGamerX131d ago

They got it wrong, should have been vote with your elbows.

Godmars290131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

Think the best ting to do, if it were possible, would be to take every physical copy of an EA game, throw them all into piles all over the world, soak them with gasoline and light a match. Then never - NEVER - buy another EA title. Or at least a year.

But again, never going to happen. like a million signature petition saying the signer would buy Amy Henning's shelved SW game. If she were hired back on to finish the project.

otakuapologist131d ago

please don't dump too much information on the reader, especially in the first paragraphs. be considerate of the fact that readers have a limited attention span and are bombarded with tons of information and advertising on a daily basis.

porkChop131d ago

So what we do as journalists is we put all the most important information in the first two or three paragraphs. The reason we do this is because the average reader will usually stop reading after the third or fourth paragraph.

It can sometimes be overwhelming, but it's better than the alternative where most would walk away without having all the important facts.

porkChop130d ago

I have an actual education in journalism and have worked for the largest media publisher in my country. So yeah, I believe I've earned the right to call myself a journalist.

Apocalypse Shadow131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

**These tensions between EA and its customers serve to reinforce the picture of a money-grabbing corporation far less concerned with the interests of its fans as long as there is money to be made. It creates an image of a firm that is so separated from its audience it doesn’t seem to grasp what makes them tick, or seems interested in their, well, interests.**

That's EA in a nutshell: IT'S ABOUT MONEY.

And, if there is a feature to gouge your wallets,then, IT'S IN THE GAME.

Most EA games are just copies of other companies popular ideas. Then, use marketing to make it seem that they're innovative and came up with the idea themselves.

EA showed Fifa because there's this thing called World Cup going on. That's like a big captain obvious DUH!

EA ruined the only developer that we had in Nevada. And now just cashing in on their game.

**Vote with your feet**

That's sounds really dumb. As others have said, it's **vote with your wallet.**

I voted by not buying their games for over a decade because of their business practices. You'll find that you won't miss their games in the least.

UCForce131d ago

Even the worse part is that EA CEO won’t apologize for what they did to BF2, even defending pay to win model.

annoyedgamer131d ago

Stop buying their products then. Seriously, i'm going to laugh and be sad at the same time when Anthem and BFV release and sell boatloads only to see the inevitable crying about how broken and shallow the games are.

CorndogBurglar131d ago

The problem with that logic is that you have no idea, or any way of knowing how many people complaining about EA are also buying their games....

Just because you see a bunch of people complaining on N4G or other sites means nothing. People commenting on message boards are the minority. Just because you see a bunch of people here complaining means nothing. The sales are what matters, and the majority of sales are made by people that aren't coming here posting messages.

Gamers aren't one giant hive mind. Just because you see people complaining doesn't mean they are the ones buying these games.

Scar-130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

You are joking right? Most the people crying the loudest bought Battlefield V I got into an argument about this last year. All you have to do is remember the usernames its not hard. Gamers on this site and everywhere have trouble sticking to there guns this is why the industry doesn't take us seriously. I still remember Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare was the best-selling game of 2016 despite all the protests.

Razzer131d ago

omg....some line spacing please

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