Nintendo, Please Understand that Less is More

Chris Hyde: "Please understand, we appreciate all the work that Masahiro Sakurai and his team have done to squeeze so much into the game, but let us find some of it out for ourselves."

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otakuapologist107d ago

"less is more" also applies to your writing, by the way. The second half of the writeup seemed way too long to deliver a simple message.

FallenAngel1984107d ago

“The gameplay formula has remained largely unchanged since it’s inception on the N64.”

You seriously believe the gameplay hasn’t changed at all in the series’ 19 years of existence?

TheUndertaker85107d ago

Nice job removing context.

“The fact Nintendo would choose to spend the best part of half an hour of a presentation on one game, which let’s face it to even the most ardent super-fan is not a game that NEEDS much explaining. The gameplay formula has remained largely unchanged since it’s inception on the N64. There’s only so much you can say about a 2D brawler where you try and knock people off the screen to win, right?”

paintedgamer1984107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Lol it hasnt... the fighting mechanics, modes, ect are virtually the exact same... sure little things have updated and changed but the core game is exatly the same. Exactly like the 6 or 7 god of war games weve gotten until gow ps4... sure you could say each game added this or that or different weapons, different bosses, and different cut scenes... but the games were very similiar and very stale and played out... and then came gow ps4 which almost completely changed things up. Smash Bros NEEDS a reboot.

Razmiran107d ago

Im guessing you never played Smash Bros

cpayne93107d ago

The different smash games all control and feel fairly different, the concept is the same though and we definitely didn't need that much e3 time.

Sirk7x106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Reboot into what? A different fighting game? Smash is one of the very few fighting games that's drastically different than the rest of the 2D games out there. How does one reboot a fighting game anyways without stripping away its identity? Let's give Smash health bars and have it play like Street Fighter lol. Riveting.

FallenAngel1984107d ago

@ Under

Even with context it’s still blasphemous to say the gameplay hasn’t changed at all since 1999 regardless how much it was showcased at the conference

awdevoftw107d ago

It's basically yhe same game since the first smash. I doubt there will be many suprises.

paintedgamer1984107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Exactly, nintendo dudes will disagree with this until they are blue in the face... mario and zelda are the only exclusives in recent times that changed things up... virtually every other nintendo ip is very played out. But, then again... nintendo probably thinks why invent the wheel when its fanbase buy things into the millions like its a brand... new... experience..

Prince_TFK107d ago

Oh give it a rest. You sound like a broken record on every Nintendo article.

carcarias107d ago

To be fair, I think you're missing the point about Smash. It's a multiplayer fighter with a competitive scene. The subtle differences and balance changes play out in a hugely different manner for the core audience, regardless of the core game being the same. You just don't go making changes in the same way they did with the single-player GoW.

You might as well be asking Capcom to turn Street Fighter into Power Stone because the whole '2d side view thing is stale'.

Prince_TFK107d ago

In what world is having less game contents good?

superchiller107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Yeah Smash has been rehashed to death, seems like Nintendo has trouble coming up with new ideas. They take a single game like Mario and Zelda, and beat it to death with sequels and upgrades. By now most people just don't care anymore, time to move on.

Prince_TFK107d ago

“By now most people just don't care anymore, time to move on.”

How would you change your tune comes December when Smash become the best selling game of the month?

JaggedCarpet107d ago

He’ll never change his tune. He’s a broken, ignorant record on everything about Nintendo.

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