Untold Legends Developer Commentary

Check out a new video from the developers of Untold Legends.

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PS360PCROCKS6572d ago

im happy people think this is cool since i posted it

OutLaw6571d ago

For the PS3 to do good they have to give a better game than this. The guy is using a PS3 controller on a PC. So I don't want to hear how at E3 they had games running on the dev kits. When this video shows a interview of one of Sony games running on a Pc. Right now that system should be showing games running demos. I could understand that game developers haven't finish their games. But not to have your demos running on the system yet makes me think that the system is having more problems then they let on.


A Sonic Unleashed Remaster Is Long Overdue

Still remembered as one of the best Sonic games of all time, I believe it's time Sonic Unleashed gets its overdue remaster after Sonic x Shadow Generations.

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-Foxtrot1d 13h ago (Edited 1d 13h ago )

I think it's best we leave these games we're they belong...in the past

Secret Rings, Unleashed, Black Knight etc, they weren't the best at least enough for a remaster

Generations is getting one because they had something easy to shove Shadow into before the Sonic 3 film and it's probably the better ones they've did over the past decade or so.

rayford1511h ago

Unleashed was one of my favorite P3 games would love a remastered version

Redgrave10h ago

Would be called.... Sonic Re-Leashed

Father__Merrin41m ago

Wouldn't mind a sonic 06 re release


Brace Yourselves, Tarnished: Revisiting the Greatest Soulsborne Boss Battles - Part I: Dark Souls

With Elden Ring's DLC Shadow of the Erdtree coming this month, JDR takes a look back at the greatest Soulsborne bosses. To start with, those of Dark Souls.

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Top 10 Games Dealing with Mental Health Issues

Last Word on Gaming takes a look at ten games who treat mental health issues as respectfully and seriously as they ought to be in real life.

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