Nintendo 64 Games Have Been Successfully Emulated On Switch

Hackers and those in the homebrew community have found a way to successfully emulate Nintendo 64 games on Nintendo Switch. Titles such as Kirby 64, Pokémon Stadium 2, Mario 64, and Mario Kart 64 have been shown off.

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shinoff2183156d ago

Damn this seems fairly quick

ABizzel1156d ago

Switch is running 3 year old mobile tech, that has already been cracked in the mobile market, so it wasn't going to take long at all for the actual Switch to get cracked either.

It's one of the problems with off the shelf computer components, especially low-end and mobile devices. They can be easily reversed engineered for emulation.

The Switch is a brand new Nintendo device and it's emulation is farther along than the PS3 and Xbox 360 which are both over 10 years old.

Jurat156d ago

Looks promising; I'm surprised we haven't had an official announcement regarding an N64 Classic Mini yet.

MasterCornholio156d ago

Nintendo should have a store for N64 games on Switch. It would be pretty cool if those games game with improvements.