New screenshots revealed from the cancelled Duke Nukem Forever 2001 version

DSOGaming writes: "A new set of screenshots from the cancelled 2001 version of Duke Nukem Forever has been leaked online. Moreover, some new information about it has been leaked on 4Chan, however this is 4Chan so we can’t be certain about their accuracy."

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C-H-E-F198d ago

Duke Nukem was a horrible game every iteration of it. I really don't get what the craze was about it. However, it ushered in some mechanics that other FPS games adopted.

Araragifeels 198d ago

Wrong! Duke Nukem Forever was the only horrible game from the franchise and everything else was great.

bloop198d ago

@C-H-E-F: You're an inspiration for birth control.

FantasticBoss198d ago

As much as I don't agree with CHEF, there were plenty of mediocre to bad games with the Duke Nukem name slapped on them after 3D.

AuToFiRE197d ago

Even then, DNF wasn't as bad as people tend to say.

Hungryalpaca198d ago

No one agrees with you at all.

b163o1198d ago

LMFAO, it's still @zero...

jagermaster619198d ago

Mainly because he is 100% wrong!

MWH198d ago (Edited 198d ago )

I respect different opinions but yours is in a minority, Duke Nukem 3D was an excellent game and a lot of fun for the majority of players and critics alike.

2pacalypsenow198d ago

Lol Duke Nukem 3D was Epic.

What are you 17?

MWH198d ago

sadly i noticed that most of the self-entitled generation of gamers do not respect the origins of gaming and even look down at it.

Trust me it will come full circle, if we don't respect our past the future will treat us in kind.

SolidGear3198d ago

All of them kicked ass.. especially Duke 3D and Duke Nukem Forever. Those were two day 1 purchases I don't regret. Yes, I even got Duke Nukem 3D when it first hit PC.

TedCruzsTaint198d ago

There's no wrong opinions. Just ones that are objectively trash.

DJ_Professor_K197d ago

Yeah if I never played duke nuke I wouldn’t be mad game is trash

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Concertoine198d ago

I would love to play this version of DNF

Razmiran198d ago

Its probably very unfinished

Concertoine198d ago

Its also been said to be 90% complete. Either way if they release what they have, i could easily see a fan project to finish it.

The game neared completion twice but the asshats at 3D realms kept restarting from the ground up because a new engine would attract them. Ultimately they ended up with that rubbish id tech 3 version.

Razmiran198d ago

Fred schreier from 3d realms (new 3d realms) says it was 90% complete, while Randy Pitchford says thats an exageration.
Randy did say gearbox was looking for a legal way to release this (If you belirve him, cause he is Randy Pitchford)

2pacalypsenow198d ago

Pitchford concluded that the 90% claim was inaccurate (he joked that maybe 9% was actually complete), that there is no game in the 2001 build and that gamers should temper their expectations if this build ever sees the light of day.

Razmiran198d ago

But like I said, Pitchfords statements are doubtable, since he is known for twisting the truth in order to look like an innocent victim

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isarai196d ago

Exactly, i really think when this sort of thing happens, more people should follow volition's example with saints row PSP and just release an iso dump for people to mess with with a full disclaimer that it's an unfinished project

vasantasena198d ago

Duke Nukem 3D = Awesome.

Duke Nukem Forever = Not so awesome.

ElementX198d ago

I really didn't have any problem with DNF, I thought it was fun.

FantasticBoss198d ago

You are welcome to enjoy what you enjoy. I had an online gaming buddy who insisted to me that I could not enjoy BF Bad Company 2 because it was terribly balanced or whatever. It's not my favorite BF game, sure, but I had a lot of fun playing that game with friends, but apparently none of that actually happened and I hated every minute of it I guess.

Snookies12198d ago

People just love to jump on the Duke Nukem Forever hate train. Sure, it wasn't the best, but it doesn't deserve anywhere near the level of hate it got. This coming from a long-time Duke Nukem fan.

WitcheRivia198d ago

I hope Gearbox goes bankrupt soon.

FantasticBoss198d ago

They have hits and misses, but I by no means think they should tank. I love Borderlands and the Brothers In Arms games were also well liked. They aren't a perfect company, but they are far from "die in a fire" levels of bad.

WitcheRivia198d ago

No, they only care about Borderlands & its spinoffs. Anything else they will grab & sit on it until it dies. In some cases (We Happy Few) they'll even hike the price of the game before they inevitably kill it off. As a developer, they are trash & as a publisher they are even worse.

FantasticBoss198d ago

I wasn't aware of a price hike for that game, but out of curiosity when did they change it? It could very well be from the gaming turning into aomething bigger than originally intended. The early access version of that game was apparently just an open world survival type thing that was pretty disappointing from what I hear. My understanding is they took that feedback and went to make a game more in line with their original trailers and public perception.

I could be wrong about some of this.

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