Should From Software Finally Embrace More Casual Fans

Craig looks at whether From Software should meet casual players half way... I’ve never beaten a From Software game. The likelihood is that for the foreseeable future, I never will.

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Orbertron108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

What nonsense do you remember Ninja blade (its Ninja Gaiden for noobs) or the Amored-core series, (games that be completed in a afternoon) and Otogi Myth of Demons, (personal fav) From Software started niche casual, fighting for attention then made Demon Souls that was balls to the walls hard, and was a break out hit, now the "new fans" expect that level of difficulty in everything they do, because if they didn't there would be backlash.

badjournalism108d ago

FromSoftware's first games were hardcore first person RPGs that are the progenitors of the Soulsborne games. Look up King's Field and Shadow Tower. They absolutely did not start niche casual.

Orbertron108d ago

Fair point, i do know of King's Field but have not played them because they not my type of games, what i was trying to say was From Software have made accessible, cult classic's like Otogi and metal wolf, so when they made demon souls now they don't just have fans but also publishers and platform holders, hanging onto there every word, so as a business i don't see them making another Otogi or Metal Wolf, maybe another Tenchu, new games are good but they will be at this level of difficulty.

jznrpg107d ago

Kings Field was the shit back in the day.

NecrumOddBoy108d ago

not necessarily casual, but I would really love 3D Dot Game Heroes on PS4 or switch or a sequel

Chaos_Order108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

From Software did not develop 3D Dot Game Heroes. It was developed by Silicon Studio, same devs as Bravely Default.

NecrumOddBoy108d ago

Ohhhh. Well as a publisher or anybody who wants to pick it up I would love to see another one

Snookies12108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

The thing is, most people that never beat From Software games just give up too fast. If you honestly take the time to learn a fight, it becomes significantly easier. Besides, the best part of these games is that feeling you get when you overcome what appears to be an insurmountable challenge. It's the thrill of moving past a point you didn't think you could advance from. If they were easier, they would lose some their soul, lol.

Elda108d ago

Agreed! I eventually learn to over come obstacles & beating enemies & bosses by learning from my mistakes,take your time & learn their patterns & always dodge,hell some enemies I avoided all together.

Nacho_Z108d ago

I agree too, the point of the gameplay is overcoming challenges and the more you weaken the difficulty the less point there is to the games and the less unique they are.

Cobra951108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

Let me save close to the massive difficulty spikes, then. If they're not willing to make games with multiple difficulty settings, at least let us have that. It's not like there's a shortage of games to play. I refuse to waste that much time just getting to the masochistic parts over and over.

To be clear, I'm only commenting because the subject came up in this story. I've long moved on from Souls and From Software, as I suspect have many others, because I'm not that atypical a gamer. If this company is happy with its current sales, more power to them.

Cobra951108d ago

What killed my interest in their Souls games wasn't so much the difficulty as the amount of repetition. Work 10 minutes to reach a boss, die in 10 seconds. Work 10 minutes to reach a boss, die in 10 seconds. Work 10 minutes to reach it again, die in 8 seconds. Work 10 minutes to reach it again, die in 12 seconds. Work 10 minutes to reach it again, die in 15 seconds. *Sigh* Am I having fun yet? Hell no. Are there other games to play. Hell yes.

Nacho_Z108d ago

I think they got more generous with the save points the more games they released and usually with practice you can sprint past all the enemies to get to the boss, but yeah those times that it was a mission just to get to the boss from the save point were painful and not fun.

jerethdagryphon102d ago

Souls games are not hard just unforgiving and thinking games. Think your way in and through each encounter use terrain and its fine

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winter_hill108d ago

NO. There are PLENTY of other games for casuals. Leave these games as they are.

jerethdagryphon102d ago

If the next souls game had difficulty options or checkpoint saves I wouldn't buy it. It cheapen the whole concept. Also bonfires are your check points. And there's usually shortcuts to open as you progress in each area reducing back tracking

108d ago
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