Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Be A Better Game Than GTA V

Okay, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 will turn out to be a better game than Grand Theft Auto 5 for multiple reasons. I

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2pacalypsenow107d ago

Story wise GTA 5 was lame, game play wise tho it was good.
I hated the multiple characters tho.

Def not the best GTA game, SA has that title.

Mcurry31106d ago

San Andreas was my favorite too!

Movefasta1993106d ago

I missed the rpg elements of san andreas.

Cmv38106d ago

GTA 5 story wasn't lame. It was God, just not better than SA.

Mcurry31106d ago

Yeah, I agree, imagine SA with GTA V innovation. I would never leave my room

Veneno106d ago

GTA is better when the protagonist is silent and has no personal story line. This allows For the city and its odd characters to be the stars and then you are not stuck with a character you dont like for the whole game. But Rockstar makes the most profitable game in history so they will just keep doing the same damn thing.

MetalGearsofWar105d ago

The last 3 main GTAs didn't have silent protagonists.

masterfox107d ago

two very different games makes no sense to compare it and in the end is just a matter of taste of each gamer which is better for them, unless you can have Flying horses, shoot lasers, grenade launchers, and Horses that can run 200 MPh or more, drive submarines and more,,,,,.....hahah yep I don't think so.

Mcurry31106d ago

It's more about the fundamentals of the game. Things like character development, storyline, design are all the things being judged. These games are set in two different eras so it wouldn't make sense to judge based on clothes, cars, and things of that nature.

GamesMaster1982106d ago

For me it will defo. And also I might even play the online , because all the kids will still be on gta because a western setting won’t appeal to them . So win win for us all

Mcurry31106d ago

I agree. Which is why Red Dead won't sell as much. GTA has a lot more appeal to the public than Red Dead does

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The story is too old to be commented.