BioWare's Anthem Looks Spectacular in 20 Minutes of Explosive Gameplay

BioWare released a brand new gameplay video of its upcoming online action RPG Anthem, and it certainly is full of explosions.

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Chaosdreams930d ago

Looks gorgeous. Gameplay mechanics seem like they'll "feel" good. Narratively speaking (world building) however I've seen nothing special - still has that Destiny vibe. All in all, still having that strong feeling this isn't for me.

Obscure_Observer930d ago

Looks INSANE!!! o.O

I can´t freaking wait for this game! Day One!

The True Bioware is back!

930d ago
UCForce930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

“The True Bioware is back” I wouldn’t go that far. They are just the shadow of former self. As long EA find a way to screw Bioware and people will remain skeptical.

mechlord930d ago


Are you implying the true bioware is all about graphics? because the true bioware is above all about story and narrative and you can hardly see any of it here

930d ago
MuddyWaters929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Looks really good, screw the EA haters and anti-online campaigners.

NXFather929d ago

Funny. It looks like Bioware has prioritized gameplay above story this time. Hopefully it is still a very strong narratively driven game like ME. This gameplay will be a nice touch though. I hope harder difficulty options are available or better AI in a later game build.

NXFather929d ago


Its okay to have skeptics to the hilltops but, as long as this game delivers is all that ultimately matters. These types of games are harder to produce than Story driven and graphically impressive games so they never end up looking as good or like they have complex enough systems to sustain enough fun. To be fair Sony chose the easy way out since they can't produce story driven games in a multiplayer setting. Not yet anyway. Fortunately Sony has taken single player games to new lvls and maybe they will able to do the same for multiplayer games and have both. They may just not want to have all the competition since most of the industry are chasing the online multiplayer bucks. Because even if they win their pie may still not be as large as it is now.(without Single Player) They are the best but, they are also doing what they are supposed to do. Hopefully next gen tech makes it alot easier to make revolutionary game advancements outside of story and graphics.

fiveby9929d ago

No need to get over-hyped here. Let's not forget this is EA's Bioware. Not the Bioware of old. STaking a wait and see approach to this title. I hope the game is good but am skeptical that EA won't mess it up.

-Foxtrot929d ago


Screw us? What because you like it despite the fact people who have criticism of EA or online focused games have legit concerns

Sure...screw us huh /s

Cmoney007929d ago

I guess we found Casey Hudson?

BioNeo929d ago

True Bioware never left, ME: Andromeda was built by another team.

salmonade929d ago

It's simple. If you like Destiny you will like this game. If you hate Destiny, then you will hate this game. It really is that simple.

S2Killinit929d ago

It looks good but i have reservations about gameplay.

indyman7777929d ago

You will pay for this! Then you will pay for it again! ANd again and again. ops oh wait we are not saying that anymore. We are currently only saying there are no PLANS to IMPLEMENT any play to win.

..err I mean micro transactions in this game. We will be quiet on that front until after it launches just like we have been doing. SUCKERS!

MuddyWaters929d ago

"Screw us? What because you like it despite the fact people who have criticism of EA or online focused games have legit concerns"

What legit concern, that not every game is for everyone? Do you see me whining from topic to topic that Guerilla Games stopped making online shooters? I also don't generalize since EA does make good games too. So unless this is a lootbox orgy I don't see a problem but that's all you want to see and talk about, are problems.

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CyrusLemont930d ago

Got huge Mass Effect 2 vibes when they entered the scar stronghold from that music. Looking good!

UltraNova930d ago

Ok now lets see how these vibes translate when the game releases.

Ceaser9857361930d ago

E3 gameplay looked dull but this one looks good so far .. Still loads of time left for them to show some more gameplay and me making up my mind whether to invest on this game or not.

Omnisonne929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

The environment and exosuits look pretty neat. But gameplay wise.. too much Destiny.
Imean there's bullet sponge bosses (holding the fire button for 20mins straight isn't my idea of fun), charge-up ultimate abilities, robotic voice guiding you, randomized loot crystals and no doubt MTs for those legendary weapons. And I'm guessing the mission structure is identical aswell, with repeatable missions and raids.

Don't think it's for me either.

-Foxtrot929d ago

I agree

I feel like they have tried really hard for this trailer because there's no way they'd not show this at E3 first time round. It's obvious they saw the negative backlash of the show and of Anthem so they've spent weeks putting together the best footage of it to blow our minds and concerns away. If they had to try this hard to make the game look decent then what does it say about the game?

Come on guys don't be that stupid, it's a classic EA move.

MuddyWaters929d ago

What the hell are you talking about, the press that got access saw the game at E3 and said it was much better than the teaser they showed on stage and they were kind of baffled since they spent way too much time of the Command and Conquer which was lame.

Face it, you will never give this game a chance since you hate EA and you hate online gaming. You think any online only game is trash and you certainly don't have any respect for EA. That's fine, not every game has to be made for everyone.

Timesplitter14929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Agreed. It looks like a game that seems to be doing a lot of things right but also seems to be a very generic and "diluted" experience

It feels like Destiny, The Division, and all these other games that are good on paper but end up being a bit soulless. By trying to do too much and please too many people, they are spreading themselves too thin

TheCommentator929d ago

I have to agree with most of your post. From my perspective though it's at least going up in value the more I see of it. I'm about 50/50 on Anthem right now, but it at least looks more enjoyable than some of Bioware's more recent releases. I'm going to have to wait until release to really make a choice.

3-4-5929d ago

It looks kind of good, but something feels off. The view is blocked too much by the players mech suit..the angle is weird.

Also firing on's kind of a bit difficult to actually see what is going on compared to a game like Destiny or something similar.

I'm not impressed, but it still looks like it could be decent and flying around looks pretty fun too.

joab777929d ago

I’m hoping they use that solo hub to their advantage narratively. I know it’s hard to make sense of a world in which all your friends share and may be doing different quests that you have finished, but if they are creative enough, it could be really good. Everything else is spot on.

Just a bit apprehensive about replay ability because we know that most mmo’s spend 5 years making content that is run through in 3 weeks. It will depend on rewwarda and progression.

DrumBeat929d ago

This looks extremely uninspired and familiar. Big, open environments that you're just going to fly past once you've discovered the little secrets off the beaten path. Grindy, time consuming, Destiny-esque shootfest. You can tell just how boring it is with the narrator trying to make it interesting by saying 'Jen's going to do this now' and this guy will do that.' I'm keeping my eye on it, but from what I've seen so far, I'm in the 'pass lane.'

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fluxmulder930d ago

Looking good. I'm seeing a lot of Destiny influence. The enemies could be a little more creative.

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Bhai930d ago

Seriously boring from start to finish, absolutely nothing new... mediocre at best, a full on MP feeling in SP, they clearly showed how to make a game uninteresting!

NXFather929d ago

I agree but, I actually feel the enemies more so resemble monster hunter than destiny.

fluxmulder929d ago

I think they could have tried something different. Alien insects.. brain spider boss.. kinda generic. Maybe the enemies get more interesting later in the game.

gangsta_red930d ago

I am definitely liking what I am seeing

solideagle929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

it looks gorgeous though. Whenever I look at this game I get nervous for Days Gone. Remember Bend Studios last successful game was uncharted on Vita in 2012. Days gone is approximately 6 years worth of development. It will break my heart if Sony will close Bend based on sales...As a guy who only owns 1 console every generation (Playstation) I am bit nervous.

I know I will get hell a lot of disagrees :)

JesusBuiltmyHotrod929d ago

Days gone is going to sell a lot lol at this concern.

UCForce929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Well, let them finish their game, will ya ? Even Sony shut down Evo Studios and GC, at least they finished their game. Another thing, I don’t think Days Gone wil get critical acclaim like other Sony Exclusive games, but it will be solid foundation for Bend Studio.

solideagle929d ago

I do agree with you it will not be a 90 Meta but a solid 80+ should be fine. February is packed right now. let's see. I myself am not a shooter fan I like Action games like God of War or RPGs but I hope all games sell well in Feb. :)

NXFather929d ago

Well thats how we get the best in a dog eat dog world. They have to fight for it and if they are disbanded mabye they will be back stronger in another form. Well see how hard PS nation rides when time comes. I personally think it will be another huge game for Sony. Maybe only half a good as GOW$ though. More like Horizon in my estimate but, it will be in the books soon enough. The good news is Sony will keep buying and creating even if they part ways with Sony Bend. That is all I really need.

salmonade929d ago

Speak for yourself. Oh you get nervous do you? A little scared huh? Don't be. I will be buying Days Gone over this game and a lot of other people will be too.

Anthem looks just like a Destiny grindfest again. If you can have different characters and they can share weapons, then forget it. Games like this can potentially suck all of your game time away. It can potentially stop you from playing other great titles. It embarrassingly happened to me when I was heavily into Destiny. Never again. The best thing I did, gaming wise, was stop playing Destiny. I embarrassingly played Destiny for over a 1000 hours. I hate admitting that publicly and I regret ever even playing a single minute of Destiny.

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salmonade929d ago

If you like Destiny then you will like this game. A grindfest for loot.

Playing multiple characters and have all of them do the same missions daily or weekly all to get that loot. You do one certain mission for one character.... then you do the exact same mission for your other characters.

salmonade929d ago

Ok well then it's sounds like this game is right up your alley.

annoyedgamer930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

*Explosively looking Awesome game looks Amazing, buy now!

*paid promotion

starchild930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Yeah yeah yeah, I know we're only supposed to be excited about exclusives on this site. Basically every multiplat gets a massive amount of hate. It's getting a bit ridiculous at this point.

PapaBop930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

I'd agree, it's pretty sad when people get accused of shilling for getting excited BUT...

"Looks INSANE!!! o.O

I can´t freaking wait for this game! Day One!

The True Bioware is back!"

Comments like that are eyebrow raising, Anthem is looking like it could have potential but still doesn't look anything like the Bioware of old, the one that captivated us with amazing story driven games with characters we can't forget. Hopefully they're deliberately being coy about the story to blow our minds and surprise us but so far it looks like they've watered down the story elements in favour of a more traditional online cooperative experience which would be an insult to the Bioware I once knew and loved and has EA's dirty stench all over it.

chrisx930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

assassins Creed origins got love, the new one's getting love, DMC5 is getting love, RDR2 is getting love and alot other cool much for "basically all multiplats get massive hate". your statement has 0% credibility.

Bhai930d ago

Nah, starchild you're just getting insecure here, this Anthem crap DOES look mediocre at best... AC Origins was totally loved here, so has been Far Cry 5 and anticipation for Red Dead 2 is through the sky here at N4G... but tell you what, Sony's exclusive do have made an impact that has spoiled the biggest gaming demographic right now i.e. 80+ million people... now taking down mech beasts in HZD does put all this mech suit weapon shootout to mediocrity ;)

annoyedgamer929d ago (Edited 929d ago )

Most of the games I have are multiplats. Im just poking fun at the paid promotions passed of as journalism. EA, Activision and Ubisoft are notorious for doing it.

Also some od the comments in here look a little over the top and could be shills. Im not even sure why this is 400 degrees.

Rude-ro929d ago

What are you taking about?
The multiplat games that get bashed has nothing to with “exclusive” in any way.
Is this a new fake argument?
Cod(Sony advertising deal), battlefront(Sony advertising deal), destiny(Sony advertising/timed content deal), then after that it has been topic like microtransactions etc...

On topic, this game is looking meh. Maybe that is why it is getting disagrees.
The motion blur is way over done, linear paths or empty large areas with horrible ai, and clunky movement with the mech style armor is leading to a meh feeling. What is wrong with that?

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Team_Litt930d ago

Find me a Dualshockers article without superlatives and I'll show an article not written by Abriael

aconnellan929d ago

You can definitely tell by the title which articles are written by Dualshockers

“Amazing looking PS4 Exclusive God of War gets Gorgeous 1080p screenshots” oh is it exclusive? I didn’t realise until I read the title, good to know /s

Goldby930d ago


no need to tell us combo when we hit, instead just show the extra dmg we are causing......

FITSniper929d ago

Yeah I'm really hoping you can turn all that off. If anything when it comes to damage hit numbers, they need to be more like Destiny or Division. Damage numbers should be unintrusive. Not huge and blatant. At least in this kind of game anyway.

Dissidia929d ago

they've confirmed you can turn them off, adjust the size, opacity etc.

yomfweeee929d ago

You can't turn off specific wording like COMBO, but you can turn it all on or off.