July Xbox Update Rolling Out Today

Major Nelson: The July Xbox Update adds features that make finding content even easier and offers a host of improvements to Mixer.

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ziggurcat932d ago

I would like to see customizing options for Mixer that will allow people to do what they can do with streaming via PC without having to go through a PC.

lxeasy932d ago

Yeah that would be sweet. Keep the updates coming Microsoft.

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Codedan931d ago

They do have this feature. It is called LightStream studio which you customize all of the overlays, and other features you want.

ziggurcat931d ago

And is that available on the console, or do you have to go through Mixer via PC?

Codedan930d ago

You have to set it up through PC but after that all you have to do is start it up. It does not use any PC overhead. Setting up things exclusively and starting overlays on Xbox alone would be foolish, and too time consuming.

ziggurcat927d ago

I don’t think it would be any more difficult to implement that functionality on console app than it is on PC. I don’t want to have to do anything on PC, and would like to be able to do it all from the comfort of my livingroom.

Xb1ps4932d ago

Seems like they always have a problem with making content easier to find...

Would it be too hard to let us customize the ui? Like that guy did a few yrs back?

riverstars86932d ago

Maybe I can help you, what are you having issues finding?

Xb1ps4932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

I really don't have an issue finding anything I just don't like the ui much.

I was speaking more in a sense of if they are still getting complaints on finding content then let people customize the ui to how they like it and problem solved

I think ilostmymind hit the nail on the head

InKnight7s932d ago

Finally, N4G users have stopped being fanboys and start help each other.

lxeasy932d ago

They don't have a problem with making content easier to find they just keep improving on it constantly. I've never had a problem finding anything on the dashboard

ILostMyMind932d ago

This is a conflict between what you want to see and what they want you to see.

Sm00thNinja932d ago

I always forget how AWESOME the Xbox One is. Just started playing Nier Automata on Xbox after being MIA on Xbox for a bit. I'm always so impressed by everything the Xbox One does. How seamless everything is. These updates are always exciting. Hurry up and bring avatars!

TheSplooge932d ago

When are the new avatars supposed to come out?

Sm00thNinja932d ago

It's in preview so soon. I know a few that have them through the testing. Man all the disagrees for having an opinion

Maybe there was some truth to what that article was about yesterday lol

No Way932d ago

Sm00thNinja - No no no, not maybe. Nor some. That article was the complete truth.

MagUk931d ago

I’m in the Alpha skip-ahead ring updates and you can download the new avatars app. Personally I don’t think there as good as the old ones sofar but they definitely have the potential to be if they add more customisations.

Sm00thNinja931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

@Psycho. You're really somehow tying this in with political parties? Like is Xbox liberal and Playstation Conservative? Also I platinumed Nier on Playstation before you start labeling me an Xbox Liberal.

Your insecurity is showing hardcore. Like I'm really offending you but leave it up to political scumbags like you to immediately get defensive when someone has a different opinion than you!

Casual Conservative gamers like you have no business in this article but I'm sure your here to mention the phrase fake news at some point. I could probably look through your comment history and find that phrase at some point I'm guessing

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mark_parch931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

keep hearing little hints over the past few years that they are planning something different with achievements. I really hope we get to see this soon, I would love being able to buy special items for my avatar based on rewards from achievements, I think that would be really cool. but not with real money obviously lol

Gh05t931d ago

I thought there were already games that did that. I am going way back in my mind but I swear that there was a game where when I unlocked an achievement that I got a cosmetic for the avatar. I can't for the life of me remember what game it was...

mark_parch931d ago (Edited 931d ago )

I think your right, on the 360 I got a portal t-shirt for completing the game I think. basically what I'm talking about is that but on a much bigger scale. like maybe actually getting points for achievements that you could spend on items and then the ultimate thing would be to have games that use those avatars like a karting or Olympics style game for example and maybe a social area. you could even buy items that would aid you in the avatar only games. almost like the recent ready player one film

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