Why Game Bars Are Under Attack (By Game Companies)

Game bars are a cool idea that have barely taken off before legal problems got in the way. Should game companies be more willing to play ball?

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Kados103d ago

Simple. Game companies only have post sale rights to software, not hardware. Set up the monitors and consoles, which are the sole legal property of the purchaser, then have customers bring their own games to play. Game companies then have no say in the matter.

joab777102d ago

It’s kinda like a bar showing a fight. When they do, they have to pay 1000’s for the fight, while we only pay like $99. Why? Because you are making money off it.

This still doesn’t make sense to me but I guess publishers look at it as though you are providing that game to many who might have bought it.

DefenderOfDoom2103d ago

Just have the bars owners pay a yearly fee , like they do with the music industry.

Tankbusta40103d ago

Probably because people would rather drink and game at home??

Tetsujin102d ago

I can give the actual reason - money. Buy a cabinet (or monitor and console) as a one-time purchase, and easily make your money back in no time. I live near a Bar-cade, and it's actually not a bad hangout spot. I only stopped going because the games they have (excluding a couple of titles) I can play at home for free on my own hardware.

It's just another way for gaming companies to step in when they don't need to for that extra dollar. I've spent the time to read the ToS of one game, and the basic premise is - "do not rent illegally, reverse engineer, or rewrite code." No where did it say "and you can't use our equipment at your own local establishment if you make more money than we charged you."