Is the Next PlayStation's Future in the Cloud?

(Real intro at 1:15) It's the Fourth of July which means so much to so many people. Not only is it America's birthday, but it's also The Trophy Room's as well. On this episode, hosts Joseph, and Kyle talk about the rumored Google Console, and what Google's entrance into game means for PlayStation, and Xbox. Whether or not cloud gaming could be the future of the video game industry. Funko is getting into breakfast cereal? Overwatch's new character has us in awe, Amy Hennig leaving EA, and so much more.

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getbacktogaming2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

still waiting to see the power of the cloud on Xbox... announced for a console released 5 years ago and rumored to be replaced soon... lmao honestly there might be a case for class action of false advertisement :P

AgeInTheCage2151d ago

They have no ground breaking exclusive like Americas pastime mlb 18 the show franchise to play with friends and family on the 4th of july ONLY ON PS4, so they have to be jealous and spam nonsense articles.

Go bother pathological liar phil for some real exclusives and that cloud tek that was supposed to make all our xboxones 5x stronger without having to shell out 500.00.

2150d ago
lxeasy2151d ago

I doubt it, PS doesn't seem interested in that.

Godmars2902151d ago

Aside from PS NOW which is server based? It just doesn't give access to new titles.

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born2live2150d ago

What is that obsession with cloud gaming? I thought we were done with it 5 years ago...

Godmars2902150d ago

It was promised to be a thing by MS, the innovators of the gaming industry.

Nevermind that they can't seem to do more than make shooters, or seem to "come up first" with things that Sony and Nintendo actually did first.

PhoenixUp2151d ago

Cloud gaming will always be an alternative not the primary method

sloth33952151d ago

they all pretty much want to do some streaming because it saves on cost when you dont need to make systems and all of that so more profit thats why they are streaming now to test it all out and work to improve it more but when it comes down to it the gamers will decide if thats what they want or not

MrSec842151d ago

That doesn't make any sense, regardless of where the game's code is processed the cost is the same when it comes to hardware.

You could have 100million users, all needing the next gen hardware and those users all pay for the tech that processes the games they play, users also pay their power costs, so none of the costs to actually run the games or hardware are being handled by you.

You just produce the consoles as demand requires it.

If you move the processing away from the user then latency suffers, you add issues that you can't control to the equation, like network reliability, be it on your end, in-between or at the users end, the latter two are basically out of your control, but it'll be your fault as a company when users are paying to use your services, while they can't even access their games when the service goes down or more commonly latency and overall experience will suck more often than work right.

There is no saving in cost by going the cloud, because you have to maintain everything.

Generally the experience will be the same using local hardware, but the cloud will be pretty unpredictable for gamers.

TheCommentator2151d ago

Cloud enhanced MP gaming is where the tech will shine first. Since MP is already online only, it's sensible for latency independent processes (things which can tolerate the lag) to be handled by the cloud servers while latency dependent functions are still handled by the local console.

Epic know this to be true which is why they bought Cloudgine.

TheCommentator2150d ago

@ disagrees

Man you guys are ignorant. Try educating yourself sometime and you would know that things like physics, lighting, and AI are tolerant of latency in gaming.

MrSec842150d ago

@TheCommentator: Actually only area lights are slow latency tasks, things that players directly interact with will unquestionably require as instant processing as possible, within the frame rate of the game, otherwise everything will look off in the game as things players interact with are rendered at different rates.

You are in fact the one who's ignorant of the facts buddy.

Eidolon2151d ago

I'll say this again. Some system has to be running the game, I want that system. Besides, with 4k HDR, there is no freaking way internet connections could handle even the data rate of a 1080p signal without major compression(1GBit/s can't even handle it, direct device communication will always look and run better.

getbacktogaming2151d ago

imagine VR in 4K with it’s need for zero latency and higher refresh/framerate :P

MrSec842151d ago

I think most people would prefer full 1920x1080 or 1440p in each eye, running at 120FPS, as this would be a a huge step up in both Image Quality and response times.
The overall experience would be much improved over the current standard.

Adding an extra link in the chain, by having to offload code to external servers would certainly screw with the experience of Sony tried using the cloud for next gen VR.
I think even current gen VR would suffer if it relied on VR.

Personally I'm hoping Sony can offer a wireless headset, no doubt a PS5 with an 8 Core 16 Thread Ryzen CPU at 3+GHz, 12+ TFlop Navi GPU and fast GDDR6 memory would be able to handle some gorgeous stuff at 120FPS in VR.
The experience would probably be sublime.

Personally I love my PSVR, it's awesome, but I'd love it more if it was wireless and even more fluid, with better image quality.

Eidolon2150d ago

Sure if the hardware is there, PS5 could offer some incredible VR experiences, if the protocols can handle it, wireless would be a huge bottleneck, though. lol

AgeInTheCage2151d ago (Edited 2151d ago )

LUL 🤢🤢🤢