10 Years Ago This Month: When's the right time to start building hype?

10 Years Ago This Month: Assassin's Creed started pedaling the hype cycle, the newly merged Activision Blizzard signed its top talent to new five-year contracts, the weird, down-sized experimental E3 should its face, and the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences said that game reviewers were lazy.

The games industry moves pretty fast, and there's a tendency for all involved to look constantly to what's next without so much worrying about what came before. That said, even an industry so entrenched in the now can learn from its past. So to refresh our collective memory and perhaps offer some perspective on our field's history, here's some highlights on the happenings in gaming from exactly a decade ago.

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Bobafret107d ago

I would say about 18 months before a major release. It is really hard for me to be that hyped for a game that is still 3-5 years away.Cyberpunk 2077, Starfield, and The Elder Scrolls VI are a few that come to mind that are way too early in development to even be announced.