Geralt's voice actor wants a Witcher 4 game about Ciri

Doug Cockle knows exactly what he would do for a new Witcher game.

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Blu3_Berry1973d ago

I would want that as well. I really hope that maybe after Cyber Punk 2077, they will make a Witcher Ciri spinoff. I loved her character.

joab7771973d ago

And they could do anything with this if she visited different worlds and times. It could be an amalgamation of multiple open worlds. Man! 2026!!!

Omnisonne1973d ago

I'd rather have CDPR focus on Cyber Punk and post-launch content for the coming years.. But who knows after all that, they might want to dip back into The Witcher.

Bladesfist1973d ago

She's a major focus of the books, it's a bit weird that she only appeared in the third game.

fluxmulder1973d ago

That would be awesome. I enjoyed her segments in the Witcher 3.

spambot08151973d ago

and her quest to become lesbian transsexual geralt hater of course. ;-)

BadElf1973d ago

Yeah exactly...Hopefully CDPR wouldnt stoop that low

1973d ago
Wallow1973d ago

I think there's word do describe these types of guys... incels?

Noskypeno1973d ago

Whats wrong with being a virgin. Its less cringy than bragging about who lost their virginity first. But then again i dont allow myself to get easily influenced by people.

BadElf1972d ago

@briannah95 ...Briannah...you've commented on my posts very angrily, and don't add to the conversation. Please, go seek help. The virgin copy and pasted comment, really?? ooof lol

And Just because others have gone the PC route doesn't mean CDPR has to. That's what you should have said

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WelkinCole1972d ago

You obviously have not read the books

born2live1972d ago

Aww, so much hate... I wouldn't mind, Ciri is hot...

BadElf1972d ago

She is hot. I don't even think shes annoying or anything. She was actually really well done. Its just...Geralt...what a legend.