How Is Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Different To Its Predecessors? It's eSport Ready!

With the return of Super Smash Bros. on the imminent horizon, GameRVW takes a look at the first entry in the series that has been designed with eSports in mind.

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PhoenixUp108d ago

“You can now play as Cloud now has his outfit from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children.”

You could always play as Advent Children Cloud in SSB4, that’s nothing new. Would’ve been great if he got his KH1 outfit as an alt.

“Some characters received additional voice support; Marth now has a full English voice-over”

I wish Cloud got his full English voice actor. It’s very jarring to see Marth get his but not Cloud for no apparent reason.

shloobmm3107d ago

It's not. People always like to harp on game sequels as being too simar to the games that came.before but that statement has never been truer then with the smash series. If you've played the first Smash you've played them all. I've never understood the love or the hype for a series that is almost an exact carbon copy with slight graphical improvements.

capjacksparrow107d ago

It's kinda like most fighting games really. They add more characters, they add more maps, they add a few new mechanics and a game mode or two. I still enjoy the games, but it could be said of most fighting games, it's why I don't buy many fighting games anymore (that, and I get my ass kicked in 1v1 fighting games).

Gemmol107d ago

Melee play at a faster pace than Wii u smash bros.......wii u smash bros more casual friendly

RosweeSon106d ago

It’s the greatest hits of the entire series