PlayStation Plus Double Discounts kick off today on PlayStation Store

Pick up some big savings on Persona 5, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Hitman, more

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welly3001907d ago ShowReplies(7)
Razzer1907d ago

oh look.....an article about actual games.

CaptainOmega1907d ago

Digital prices seem to always be much higher than what they are at retail.

I would get World of Final Fantasy.. but it’s $30 on the store. I can buy it for $30 new at a Gamestop. Makes no sense to offer ‘double discounts’ when you’re charging full price for a game that came out 2 years ago.

WilliamSheridan1907d ago

Who buys physical games anymore? I love never having to thumb through my over 200 games. That would drive me crazy. Plus the mess of keeping it neat and orderly. Honestly though there should be at least a $5 discount on digital games since the store marks games up like 20%

CaptainOmega1907d ago

“Who buys physical games anymore”

I hope that’s a joke :D

UltraNova1907d ago

The definition of a couch potato.

ilikestuff1907d ago

We’re not buying the disc and case it should definitely be cheaper

sardines1907d ago

Most people won't get 200 games for whatever console they currently play.

DogJosha1907d ago

Based on sales numbers, most people still buy physical games. It isn't even remotely close to being a digitally preferred world.

Also, if a store can get away with selling me brand new games for $48 for almost the past decade, there is no reason digital games should cost more than maybe $40 to $45. Anyone who wants a digital only future just doesn't care about their own wallet. I gotta say when we reach digital only, I'm definitely turning to piracy until they bring back physical games.

WilliamSheridan1906d ago

I'm willing to bet everyone who said that they prefer physical is in their 20s or younger. Everyone who is older and has a real job would rather just hit the home button and select their game

ChiefofLoliPolice1906d ago

Dear God I hope your joking...if not I want what your smoking

GNCFLYER1906d ago

You've got 200 games? Holy shit man..

TheSaint1906d ago

In my late thirties, have a good job, prefer physical.

But it's not like I expect you to have any sense so carry on being a misinformed clown.

FinalFantasyFanatic1906d ago


I'm 30, I'd buy only physicals if I could, don't want digital.

Ofai1906d ago

Digital games work well for me as a family man. If my kids want a game on ps4 I only have to buy one digital version as both consoles get to use it with sharing accounts on each others ps4 as activated machine. So in reality for me im getting 2 versions of the game the store price and that normally works out cheaper than buying 2 physical versions

Kokyu1906d ago

Millions of people thanks god.

DerekTweed1906d ago

It seems to me that physical is still much more popular than digital except on PC.

I buy most of my games digitally, for convenience like you say but sometimes when the difference is price is $25-$30, I'd much prefer to save the money than be worried about keeping my cases neat.

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kreate1907d ago

Some games are dirt cheap on digits compare to physical. And some cases its the other way.

DefenderOfDoom21906d ago

I work next store from Gamestop and i find the best deals on older games thru PS Store FLASH SALES .

andibandit1906d ago

Yeah, I wanted to get Sniper Elite 4, after the 35% discount it's 40$...in the store's it's 25-35$

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DerekTweed1907d ago

Probably still cheaper to buy the games from Amazon.

One example Persona 5 25% off £41.24 PS Store UK. Amazon UK £34.85

PS store EU € 52.49. Amazon.de € 36.95

Console sales are usually pathetic.

UltraNova1907d ago

Wait until physical is eliminated, then you'll know what pathetic really means.

Hardiman1907d ago

I know right, so many scream for digital only and say it's cheaper but in some cases it's not! I get some of my games used and save quite a bit. Hell some times even a title that's new is cheaper physical than digital!

Eidolon1907d ago

With the 20% off for pre-order, it's cheaper new too, can't do that with digital. I get my stuff used off ebay though. I usually don't pay more than $15 when it's 5-35 more on the PS Store, and it has resell/collection value.

rainslacker1906d ago

Sometimes digital.is cheaper, but those really big discounts on steam sales that people gave about are usually on games that are 3+ years old

andibandit1906d ago

well.....one of the reasons digital prices are high, is because they wont undercut the physical sales.

DerekTweed1906d ago

Physical won't be eliminated at least not for the next 10 years in my opinion.

You can still buy DVDs, you can still buy music in CD form. Physical is not going anywhere anytime soon.

I am not just talking about the PS store, the Xbox store is the same, their sales are usually still more expensive than buying from Amazon.

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Kornholic1906d ago

PS store sales are usually great. The steam summer sale was laughable.

TheGoodestBoi1907d ago

Noooo my wallet and backlog need to catch a break!