Exclusive: NovaStrike News

Finally, we can exclusively reveal that the great top-down shooter NovaStrike is hitting the European PSN Store this Thursday, priced at 7.99 Euros. The European version will be the enhanced, patched version which comes complete with XMB music and Trophies.

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thereapersson3702d ago

However, after the patch, the game was almost like a whole new experience. Anyone who likes shooters should give this one a try.

Bren863702d ago

Is this that 1942 joint strike game I downloaded the demo of? I quite like that and was hoping it would get trophies. If its not the same game I will prob pick this one up instead as it has the trophies and custom soundtracks etc.

SullyDrake3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

That's a different one altogether and probably won't be seeing a Trophy patch anytime soon.

NovaStrike is ok... As far as PSN aircraft shooters go, nothing tops Super Stardust HD, so get that one first if you haven't already.