Do Game Developers Just Want Our Money?

Game developers: the ultimate form of evil. They gather in communes across the world, turning their gnarled hands over and over and cackling manically, plotting their evil schemes. Their goal: suck the breath out of every bank account on Earth. Their method: video games – the evilest form of thievery. Twisted, rotten publishers like the fabled “EA” and the unspoken “Activision” conjure these video games from their deepest bowels for the most sinister forms of greed imaginable. There is no heart, love, or soul flowing out of these companies – only micro-transactions and capitalism. How sickening…

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porkChop108d ago

They all want our money. They're businesses. As for whether they care about their fans, I think they all do. Creative industries are driven by passion and the desire to please and entertain. But with many game companies being publicly traded, ultimately they have to listen to the shareholders.

NecrumOddBoy108d ago

Publishers are the culprits

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BeardedDrachen108d ago

Of course they want our money. But more importantly they want us to want their games.

LevelSmack108d ago

They want money first over everything. Its a business. I am sure secondly they want to create great games.

PhoenixUp108d ago

This classic ad should explain all your questions

lociefer108d ago

No they want our love and loyalty to feed their families /s

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The story is too old to be commented.