E3 2018: Nintendo’s presence at the show was disappointing

"All in all, Nintendo’s E3 felt really shy and not even more to being as exciting as previous years have been to stop by their booth. I wanted to give them the benefit of doubt after their rather unexciting video presentation prior to the show opening, but it unfortunately proved to be the extent of what they had to show at that time." - Eduardo Reboucas, Entertainium

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PhoenixUp132d ago

“Too much, with most of that video being dedicated with detailing every single character included in what seems to be an Ultimate Mortal Kombat-esque version of Super Smash Bros Wii U.”

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate aren’t exactly the same kind of projects though..

2pacalypsenow132d ago

It's nintendo, anyone else expect differently? Nintendo is stale until they announce another Mario or Zelda game.

BeardedDrachen132d ago

Or Fire Emblem or Smash Bros or Bayonetta or Pokemon.

Prince_TFK132d ago

Octopath Traveller is coming soon. You might wanna take that back though.

Gameseeker_Frampt132d ago

You pretty much proved his point by resorting to naming a game developed by Square Enix.

Prince_TFK131d ago

But it is published by Nintendo worldwide.

rivaldoo777132d ago

I was hoping a glimpse at the core pokemon game and SMT5. However there was only smash (Which I dont care personally) and fire emblem didn't look any impressive.

The 10th Rider132d ago

No way they show off the core Pokemon title until after the Let's Go! Titles have released.

paintedgamer1984132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

No Metroid Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, or announcement of some new exciting 1st party i.p. killed it for me. I knew they were going to talk about smash bros, but seriously how many of these damn games do we need? The game is mechanically the same game since n64 the 1st time i played it. At least this is the ultimate edition and the next one cant just add more stages and fighters and thats mainly it... Can it? I want a complete overhaul on the smash bros i.p. it has mechanically been the same game since 1999... Thats a long time. Nintendo can reinvent zelda, mario, ect why not smash?

Also, the fact they didnt show anything from the Pokemon game so many fanboys on this site were swearing was releasing this year. But its probably because its so far out. Most likely fall 2019 or spring 2020. Which makes me wish they never showed that banner for mp4 if a year later they were going to leave us hanging. Metroid IS my most favorite nintendo ip... And golden sun...

Prince_TFK132d ago

“but seriously how many of these damn games do we need?“

Since 1999 until now (20 years) there had only been 5 Smash games. You are acting like this game release yearly or something.

“Also, the fact they didnt show anything from the Pokemon game”

Except that they did show a new Pokemon game. Unless you meant to say the core Pokemon game.

“Which makes me wish they never showed that banner for mp4 if a year later they were going to leave us hanging.”

Other company had shown games years before it is release but I had never seen that bother you.

paintedgamer1984132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

No where did i say 5 games is a lot, what i am saying is in 20 years the ip has not changed much. Its way past due for a reboot.

Yes, you know what i meant was the CORE Pokemon.

Except, 99% of the time a dev shows off a game we at the very least get a cgi trailer or a glimpse of what the game might be...
If they were just going to show us a mp4 banner a year prior, many metroid fans at the very least expected nintendo to talk about it... And nothing. Shit, at the very least they could have talked about bayo 3... And nintendo fans rebuttal is going to be "they saved those games for treehouse or tgs" and id say... I hope youre right

kevnb132d ago

E3 simply isn't that important anymore, prepare to be disappointed most years.

Protagonist132d ago

That only applies for nintendo.