Is A Google Console A Potential Game Changer?

There is finally some clarity to what some many people in the the recent weeks, call streaming the future for video games. How the next generation PlayStation 5, Xbox “Scarlett”, Nintendo Switch, will be the last generation. Leaks coming out of Google thanks to the brilliant folks over at Kotaku. It seems Google’s buying up Xbox and PlayStation executives and developers to make a hybrid streaming console called,”Yeti”. Is streaming really the future of games, or is this 2012 mobile games are the future all over again?

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-Foxtrot1305d ago

Remember the Ouya, Shield, even the upcoming Atari

Pepperridge Farm remembers

indyman77771305d ago


Okay I have to say something. I remember getting all hyped for the Google Pixel Phone, then they announced the specs! Nothing like the rumors! But the Price was just like the rumors! Very high and but the specs are medium end.

You can do that as a new comer in the game space! First Nintendo was a powerhouse tech leader. First Xbox was a powerhouse tech leader. The first PlayStation was a powerhouse tech lead. Your trying to win fans over not run them away come correct with power and games or go straight home!

CaptainOmega1305d ago

I would say don't write off anything until it's in the market.

It's possible given the right hardware and the right exclusives/third party support.

cooperdnizzle1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Well anything is possible. Where are the first party games going to spring up from? You think Sony, M$ or nindetdo are going to let some new company take over their market share? This point in time, it’s to big of a risk for any new company to enter. If the market falls or crashes than you can have a company restructure the game market.

CaptainOmega1305d ago

I'm not saying Google would change the game overnight, or even over a year; it would take a multi generational time-frame to make a big enough cut into marketshare. For me, I'd own a Playstation and Google platform if the latter was on par in terms of hardware and software.

This wouldn't be the Ouya, it would be built by billion dollar company. First Parties would obviously take time to build.

I like the Google Pixel. Haven't tried their laptops. Would be interesting to see a video game console.

Retroman1305d ago

Who in their right mind would trade physical disc for digital stream games?? must we continue having these articles over and over and over??
I'll say it again..... Without physical disc I'm out. I need to see my games, hold my games.

Muzikguy1305d ago

I sure hope it’s not. If it ends up being a game changer then the industry is headed in a direction I want no part of

joab7771304d ago

Depends what they do. If they half ass it, and release something that plays Netflix and mobile games, then it’s dead in the water. But if they are serious and willing to possibly take a loss to get in the game, to get these consoles in ppl’s homes, then they could b very successful.

And if I am them, I am leveraging my strengths. I am creating a Switch-like console that also has Google Play. It’s a one stop shop on the go.

But it must also be at least as good as the X1X to start. Do this, and you will get some love. Ppl would love to be able to have a decent mobile device that plays Indies, AAAs and mobile games, as well as acting like a top notch Android tablet.

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Prince_TFK1305d ago

I do as well. But we got to remember that Google is not Ouya. They are a giant corporation and if they are deadset on doing something, they gonna throw money to achieve it.

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Mr_Luke1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I wrote something and then changed my mind. But one thing didn't change: no, i don't think it will be a game changer. I see it more like another flop :P

StormSnooper1305d ago

It’s a flop is what it is.

paintedgamer19841305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Google has the $$$ to make studios, buy developers, and give third partys incentives to release games on their pay, stream, or download program. But its still a big ? mark as i expected xbox gamepass to have much more 3rd partys. At the same time, why would 3rd partys want someone paying a sub fee to play their games when the norm nets them much more $$$. Unless it was digital purchase for 49.99 for new games and so on, then 3rd partys wouldnt care as thats what pc players pay, and esp if this google platform has steam. Thats a big deal. Google could very well shake up the entire industy and change gaming forever.

PygmelionHunter1305d ago

I wouldn’t underestimate them, that’s for sure.

paintedgamer19841305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

I think many people will in fact underestimate them. A kin to how many people underestimated ps4 and then again underestimated the nintendo switch.

paintedgamer19841305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Microsoft and its +85 million gamers from the 360 gen? Even myself... i was wildly impressed how well playstation was able to bounce back compared to last gen. Most people (myself included) would have never imagined sony to have the runaway success they are having in gen 8. Its astonishing. 360 was able to capitalize on the ps3 mistakes and then exactly out the gate the ps4 was able to capitalize on the many mistakes the xb1 has made. Just as mesmerizing as the ps4 achievments are the xb1 mistakes...

cooperdnizzle1305d ago

Anybody with half a brain could tell Sony was going to take the market back. M$ never had the culture. M$ still doesn’t know what gaining is about.

letsa_go1305d ago

I'd be down for a google console. When Sony announced the first playstation, I thought it would go the way of the 3DO. I was wrong about that, and I think Google could have the same kind of luck if they play their cards right.

princejb1341305d ago

New studios don't have the experience as the ones that been doing this for a long time. And you really think developers are going to jump ship to new studios.

KwietStorm_BLM1305d ago

Not predicting a runaway success and underestimating it are two different things. Nobody could have really expected to be on Pace with PS2, but The PS3 was an aberration in the PlayStation brand, for a handful of reasons. Only a fool would think PS4 would repeat last gen just because it happened. And to say 85 million 360 owners thought the same way is silly as hell.

Muzikguy1305d ago

You bring up a good point about third parties with pricing and streaming services. That’s part of my argument as to why I don’t see this happening. Companies either lose money or people lose quality games.

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