I'm Glad I Started Playing The Witcher 1 Last

Ethan Gach writes, "The Witcher came out on PC in 2007. That feels like a lifetime ago. The series is now easily one of my favorites, but a decade ago I, like a lot of people, had no idea it even existed.
Now that’s created a weird dynamic as I play The Witcher 1 for the first time knowing everything that happens in the second two games, like being Michael J. Fox in Back To The Future sent back to Renaissance Poland rather than 1950s California."

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oIITSBIIo110d ago

I finished TW1 twice before TW3 was launched, it's not a good game if you're looking for a fun gameplay, but if you're looking for a great story then you're in the right place, it's the best in the series IMO.

strayanalog110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

I'm going to keep that in mind, because I... haven't played a Witcher game yet. I am looking to start playing the first entry soon and work up to the third, though.

oasdada109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I tried to play it several times and lemme warn u.. Its not pretty.. And i mean it both figuratively and Litterally.. Im guessing the worst looking gane of 2007. With some one with even a moderate ammount of back log i belev its really hard to get into considering you could ne playing something more.. Trying not to sound harsh but something playable instead.

GamesMaster1982110d ago

Loved 3 and 2 but bought The Witcher 1 last year on steam have yet to play it because i never knew it could only be played Keyboard and mouse and i really dislike playing that way, so guess ill just pass on it now.

GamesMaster1982109d ago

Look sorry but the pc way of playing keyboard nd mouse is just shit to me. I hate it. And I grew up in the 80s . But always used joypads and joysticks. If you like mouse and keyboard go ahead , but for me f that . I like sitting in front of my big screen tv with my family enjoying my games , not in my basement with a mouse and keyboard

TheDriz108d ago

Did I mention smh. It’s like only using one of you limbs. You’ve decided you don’t like something but haven’t even tried it since the 80s. SMH harder and harder. Grow up old man.