EA Thinks this year will be "better"

EA is buying out companies and trying to make them "better" but in the end they end up flopping. Is EA really thinking they are making the industry better?

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Apocalypse Shadow132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

EA has become more about their investors than gamers a long time ago. Their buying up licenses or developers has been more about limiting their competition, killing their competition and acquiring their tech like frostbite or renderware so that they gain an advantage. I stopped buying their games a long time ago. Giving them more money just allows them to continue to do what they are already doing.

Micro transactions and loot boxes,etc are just the tip of the iceberg for what they will do next. And just to screw over the gamer to get them to buy their nonsense,they purposely make you grind so that some become tempted to spend more money to just have those items now. Like mobile apps do. And more companies will just follow their lead.

And, some think EA Access is a good deal. All it is is to cut into used sales like they wanted to do from the beginning of this generation. Kill used games. When that failed, they turned to Access. Notice how it still is the only service offered on Xbox one. But Ubisoft, Activision etc have enough games to start a service too. Why just EA? And, it's just more revenue for them to keep buying up licenses like the NFL and the Star Wars license so that no one else can make a game.

They won't change. Because some don't care and think keeping their wallets closed is not possible when it is possible to do. Sad part is that gamers like me are just a drop in the bucket to the current gamers that just hit buy without the consequences or the bigger picture. Which is why EA have gotten this far.

UCForce132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

EA just don’t care and they will fall for their own stupidity.

Apocalypse Shadow132d ago

It would be nice but EA are too big to fail. Too much of a stranglehold on being the largest third party developer.

Something major would have to happen to them financially. But we can dream right? Lol!

ImGumbyDammit129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

@Apocalypse Shadow

EA is not the largest third-party developer. That would be Tencent for all of gaming (especially MMORPG, they have large stakes in companies like Epic). They are by far the largest developer and revenue generator in gaming. Last year they had more revenue from gaming than both Sony and Microsoft combined. Activision is also quite a bit larger third-party entity than EA.

Example Tencent made $3.6 billion last quarter and Activision made $500 million

If we were to look at gaming by a purely revenue stream in the order of top 10 (top to bottom) it would be Tencent, Sony, Apple, Microsoft, Activision, Netease, Google, EA, Nintendo, Bandai

Retroman131d ago

Aman bro. stopped buying Ea nfs after 2005 Mostwanted.

DerekTweed131d ago

EA access is a good deal, it's really cheap, like $20 for a year and you get access to a whole bunch of games like Mass Effect: Andromeda (I know, not great), all dead space games, skate 3, battlefield 4, battlefield 1, older FIFA, NHL etc games. You get trials for the new games, get a discount, get access a week early.

I really like EA access, I get my money's worth easily.

Apocalypse Shadow131d ago

That's how they get you Derek. They offer you a carrot and dangle it in front of you until you bite. All while slamming the cage door behind you as you're shipped off to slaughter.

But that carrot tasted pretty good didn't it?

DerekTweed131d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

I really don't understand what you mean. I get the carrot bit but what is the cage and slaughter referring to in this metaphor?

Apocalypse Shadow131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

EA will offer you something nice. But at the same time, they will do things behind the scenes that don't benefit you and will be detrimental to your gaming hobby.

How many licensed football choices do you have? How many burnouts have been made after EA bought criterion and have them making need for speed instead? Or doing grunk work programming behind the scenes on SW Battlefront? How's gamestop doing or are they in talks to being bought out because of sales and want to sell comic books to survive?

How many boxing games are made since EA has bought contracts to all the popular boxers?

EA are a ruthless comany that seem nice because they market themselves through advertising to make it seem they are nice. They're not. And they look for as many ways to screw the gamer by having you pay more for less content. Then sell you the rest and make it seem as if they are offering you more content....for a price. But games like God of war are complete games without monetizing the game with tons of micro transactions.

EA access is only made to kill the used game market and have all money go directly to them.They give you a nice deal while on the side they are killing the used/trade market. PC trade in market is dead. And developers like EA want console trade in dead too. You buy their game, you buy their extra content, but no more trade or used games. They make all the profits.

DerekTweed131d ago

@Apocalypse Shadow

You make some good points.

Licensed Football? I assume you're talking about NFL. I couldn't care less. Soccer, as far as I know there is FIFA but there is also PES. Not that I care much about those either. I play FIFA when it is in the EA Access Vault.

Burnout Paradise was great, a new one would be great. I don't like Need for Speed much so that's a good point.

Last Boxing game I played was Fight Night Round 3, 4? It was a long time ago. You are right again.

I've never been able to trade in PC games, no gaming store allowed it even way back in the Age of Empires/ Command and Conquer Red Alert days.

I also don't sell my games and I very rarely buy used games either.

I never shop at Gamestop, so no big deal for me.

"They're not. And they look for as many ways to screw the gamer by having you pay more for less content. Then sell you the rest and make it seem as if they are offering you more content....for a price."

This point I don't really know what you're talking about. Season passes? Expansions? DLCs?

I don't buy many expansions or DLCs to be honest. I did buy Battlefield 3 and 4 season pass and I think it wasn't worth it. I bought Assassins Creed Origins Gold Edition and the Expansions were pretty great, I know it's not EA but I'm talking about additional content in general.

rainslacker130d ago

I was skeptical when they first introduced it....cuz its EA and all. But I will admit they made it into a pretty good service.

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XiNatsuDragnel132d ago

EA should burn for all its sin that it ever committed

KwietStorm131d ago

I would have to hand it to them if it was worse

NarooN131d ago

"EA Thinks 2018 Will Be A Better Year For Ripping Off Their Consumers"

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