PlayStation Now Gets New Games, Summer Price Promotion

Streaming game service PlayStation Now adds discounted summer pricing, with special savings for Plus members.

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PhoenixUp1424d ago

“The introductory offer of $9.99 for the first month (new subscribers only), the 12 month subscription for just $99.99, and the Plus-exclusive 3 months for $29.99, are all available for a limited time until September 25.”

Man Sony needs to make that the standard price for the service going forward.

DarkVoyager1424d ago (Edited 1424d ago )

I still won’t touch the service at 9.99 a month until they allow downloads. I hate streaming.

The service needs to be $9.99 a month, allow downloads of games, and have all Sony published games at launch.

CaptainOmega1424d ago

I agree with the downloads part. You have access the game for as long as you have a membership (just like Plus).

Araragifeels 1424d ago

Sony would never put all First party Exclusive in PSNOW day one since they would lose money which is why you didn't hear XBox announced state of decay 2 and Sea Of Thieves sales.

Baza1424d ago

It just needs downloads. I have super fast internet and I occasionally get kicked out of a game cause loss of bandwidth. It’s super frustrating to loss progress cause of that

letsa_go1424d ago

Downloads would only work if you are playing the game on the system it was originally on, but I agree it should be an option.

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Goldby1424d ago

They need to finally pack ps now into the ps plus subscription. I wouldn't mind even if they had two teirs for the online pass. Regular 70$ for the year or say 100 and it includes ps now

Araragifeels 1424d ago

I think it would make sense to add PSNOW since PS3 and PSVITA line up are facing out early next year. PSNOW need to fill in the space since Plus would have less value.

gangsta_red1424d ago

Agreed, there was a rumor that Live was going to do the same.

I'm definitely for this and maybe include their movie and show services which I never use but would be nice to have the option of having.

gangsta_red1424d ago

It's a crime against humanity that there hasn't been a sequel to Rogue Galaxy.