8 Secret Video Game Endings You (Probably) Never Unlocked

Whether it was because of time constraints, a lack of interest or simply not being able to meet the requirements to unlock them, everyone has secret endings to video games they never got around to earning themselves. With that in mind, these are eight secret video game endings you (probably) never unlocked. Be warned that there are spoilers ahead.

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Fullmetalevolust196d ago

It takes a great deal of engagement into a game's story and lore for me to plunge into different or "true" endings. Usually, due to backlog (lack of time), I'm just satisfied with the ending I got.

bloop196d ago

You should change the article heading to "8 well known secret endings spread out over separate pages with no videos of said endings on pages plastered with ads everywhere."

Knushwood Butt196d ago

Dog ending = best ending ever.

Dat music!

Derceto196d ago

8 secret endings I don't care enough about to give you any clicks. Get lost.

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