Fortnite's rocket launch was an incredible moment in video game history

Friday evening, Josh Knowles of KnowTechie logged into Fortnite to play a few games with his son and was greeted with a message. For one time only, players online in Fortnite would be treated to a global event at 10:30 AM PT. This coincided with a countdown timer that was being shown on TVs within the game and based on the eighth blockbuster image, would be a massive rocket launch.

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Gunstar751412d ago

It was so incredible that I'm the first person to post a d I couldn't give a sh*t

letsa_go1412d ago

No one will even care about this tomorrow. Wait, no one cares today either! "Incredible moment in video game history" Hyperbole much?

antz11041411d ago

Lol, alot of salt around Fortnite here since the account hostage issue and lack of crossplay. Funny, before that everyone here thought it was the best thing ever.

thatguyhayat1412d ago

Really? Im guessing you don't play much games

Notellin1412d ago

People that play Fortnite only play one game.

nowitzki20041412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

New COD... "I am a hardcore gamer, I play COD for 10000s of hours"

gangsta_red1412d ago

What other game on consoles has a similar community that could gather such a crowd and watch an event like this?

It was an incredible moment in gaming history.

Goldby1412d ago

Wow, final fantasy 14, eso. Pretty much any online game with enough internal marketing....

Every year guild wars, wow and ff14 hold in game pride parades, but a bunch of people looking at a rocket is super unique, /s

P_Bomb1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

MMO’s have had events and seasonal light shows for years. I’ve seen crowds gang up in DC Universe Online that made for some great unscripted moments.

gangsta_red1412d ago

"What other game on consoles...."

This happened across all platforms so it really is a big deal. I do understand that MMO's have this thing all the time but have we ever had something like this for an online shooter for PS4, Xbox, PC and possibly mobile(?)

Goldby1412d ago


Both eso and and final fantasy 14 are in consoles.

This isn't anything big, just another day for an mmo player

gangsta_red1412d ago

I guess you're right, maybe this guy as well as others are not used to this sort of thing.

Goldby1412d ago

Yeah don't get me wrong it's a great thing that a game built around shooting eachother is able to produce a community event like that and yeah there are definitly people who see that as their first experience with a community event but for a "journalist" to say this will go down in history is a little much. Maybe if the game is still around in 4 or 5 years but I don't see that happening with the changes they are starting to implement

jukins1412d ago

Thing is all those other games you mentioned dont have anywhere near the following fortnite does. And its not even that old. It's been generating 100s of millions in revenue a month all those mmos goldy thought to bring up arent making fortnite money and you have buy the game and pay a monthly subscription.

Again all the events that mmos have still I guarantee more people go to fortnite event than any other game mentioned possibly even combined

SlashHabit1412d ago

The opening of Ahn'Qiraj

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Gunstar751412d ago

Yeah, just not with 10 year olds

P_Bomb1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Casuals are cute.

Reminded me of watching fireworks in PlayStation Home, except back then no one shot you for looking up :p

Notellin1412d ago

It was actually worse than that for the most part.

Aceman181412d ago

Meh I don't see the big deal honestly. I also nvr saw the big deal with minecraft too.

Nodoze1412d ago

This too shall pass. The casuals will find something else to pollute.

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