'Fallout 76': When required Internet hurts most

'Fallout 76's internet only rule is going to hit one group of fans the hardest – those that actually live where the game is set.

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Hardiman1299d ago

Yeah this seems to be overlooked by so many. Even in 2018 there are many, many people all over the world let alone in the states that just aren't offered access to high speed internet. I know many whose only options are Jet Pack or god forbid Hughes Net and you just can't game with those speeds!

Also we still don't know what will happen with Net Neutrality and how that will or will not affect the internet.

-T9X-69-1298d ago

Okay and? Those people choose to live there. If you're a kid under 18, that's unfortunate but life isn't fair. At 18 you can freely move to an area that supports your hobby. Single player games that require an internet connection to play? Yes, I agree those are ridiculous and need to end. Games that are multiplayer only don't fall in that category. They are 100% designed around online play. Think of it like an MMO. You're not gonna complain to Blizzard that you can't play World of Warcraft because they don't offer internet good enough in your area to play.

People tend to believe everything is an issue if it doesn't appeal to them when developers try something they haven't done before. Fallout 4 hasn't even been out that long given the normal development cycle of these types of games, they wouldn't dare give us Fallout 5 before another Elder Scrolls. These single player driven RPG cannot be done in 2 1/2 years while their working on Starfield and ESVI. So it was either outsource like they did before with Obsidian for spin-off, or revive what they built for Fallout 4's scraped multiplayer and turn into a brand new game with their newly acquired multiplayer studio. As much as I would have loved another SP offering, there's a large chunk of Fallout fans that want MP. They finally had the opportunity and they're going for it.

The_Jackel1298d ago

"Okay and? Those people choose to live there."
yeh coz its easy just to buy a new house and move with a click of the fingers all while selling the old one in 2 weeks... how pig headed can you possibly be?

xenz1298d ago

You dont need high speed Internet to play online.

MuddyWaters1298d ago

Some of the most successful games out there, like Fortnite and PUBG, have shown just how exaggerated that comment is in contrast to how you portray 'the market'. Destiny 1 and 2,, Diablo III. All these games have sold in the millions and all of them require a connection. That isn't even getting into MMO games like League of Legends , or games like World of Warcraft that have monthly fees on top of it.

But now that the Fallout series is trying something new now all of the sudden we think it's going to be a real Fallout taking place?

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BlackIceJoe1298d ago

It isn't just people that live in rural areas, but people like me who haven't been able to get online, because of the extreme heat. I only can use my phone for going online, but if this game was out right now for two days it would have been a paperweight. Thankfully the games I have don't need internet and hopefully in the future developers will stop making games that need an always on internet connection.

Spectre92ITA1298d ago

Soooo... Stop making online multiplayer games?

winter_hill1298d ago

Or.......offer an offline with bots option to the game? You know....for those who don't wanna f*** around with this forced online garbage?

Spectre92ITA1298d ago

They intended to make this an online game to boot. Why would they do that?

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Lennoxb631297d ago

I live in a very rural area and my internet is great. Where are you people living? Mountain ranges?

rivaldoo7771298d ago

Not unless they take note from CDPR and improve their overall quality of the game, I'll gladly pass. Plus I'll probably busy playing RDR2 anyway.

InKnight7s1298d ago

If people supported this always online prequel, then they deserve battle royal, COD and MTs.

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