Fallout 76: You Can't Get Killed If You're Under Level 5, But You Sure Can Fast Travel

From GameWatcher: "There has been some concern among the Fallout fans about the upcoming offshoot of the core series: Fallout 76. In particular, we know for a fact that there will be no singleplayer as such, and we know that there will be no human NPCs either. Bethesda have explained that Fallout 76 is an experimental experience - something different to keep things fresh. With that, we also know that Fallout 76 is going to be a survival multiplayer game first and foremost, with DNA from the likes of Rust and ARK: Survival Evolved."

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PiNkFaIrYbOi1414d ago

So? That means nothing really, it isn't like you will stay that level forever unless you like stop playing the game.

Kingdroopy20181414d ago

its clearly to stop players from camping and killing new players who are fresh out the vault.
How about this if you dont want to get killed by other players then dont suck simple as that.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1414d ago

Understand that but ultimately it is meaningless. Besides losing stuff early on isn't that bad, it is much later on when you are high level when it hurts.

Really the only way to get out of this is to have different servers for PVP and PVE really.

-T9X-69-1414d ago


What are you talking about? You don't lose your stuff when you die. People keep thinking this game is like Rust, Day Z or Ark. It's not. They even said think about it like a "lite" version of open world survival games. Same thing with your base. It doesn't sit in a server where people can raid you. It goes with you when you log out. It gets nuked while you play, you can select "repair" and POOF. Repaired base.

Omnisonne1414d ago


Not sure why you got those disagrees, all you said has been confirmed weeks ago by either Todd or Pete Hines.
Call me crazy but I'm starting to feel people just want to hate on the game for not being SP only.

LordJamar1414d ago

Just make a non pvp server for those who can't get good.

TheColbertinator1414d ago

I plan to get a squad of bloodthirsty raider groups together and we just slaughter anyone who is level 6 and up for no reason. People will get so annoyed,stop playing and force bethesda to make adjustments for private play.

Similar to how we ruined the dark zone in The Division.

-T9X-69-1414d ago

Well that would be a waste of time. They already said private servers are coming, just not at launch.

TheColbertinator1414d ago

Then we are just speeding along the process for them. If no one else does it,I will.

TheDarkArtisan1414d ago

You cannot be killed PVP up to level 5.. what a garbage endorsement for a game!! How long will a player plough through the first 5 levels.. a day at the most. So after a days play it is open season for annoying trolls, immature kids, and generally nasty people to try and kill you and ruin your gaming experience. No matter what Todd Howard says about the game preventing other players from ruining your game, it's going to happen. Every online game is rife with trolls, players who are only out to ruin others games, cheats, immature kids who dick about.. just look at COD, Battlefield, Fortnite, WOW, GTA.. the list is endless! And Todd Howard seriously thinks folks are going to be happy and kind to one another, will trade and help those in need. Sadly it is human nature for people to do nasty things.. when the BETA comes along it will be interesting to see what transpires.

Omnisonne1414d ago

Yeah, even though I'm excited to try the game out.. I've been playing MP games for well over a decade, and it can get nasty pretty fast, especially with online gaming being rather ''toxic'' compared to years ago. Hell I'd wager if BethSoft tried to combat griefing, the playerbase would double down on the trolling and griefing like its some sort of challenge.

Maybe only after a year or two, that kind of stuff would die down, when the more aggressive players have left for other games. If the game survives for that long anyway.

Lighter91414d ago

You should just stop coming to Fallout 76 articles. You don't like it, you're not going to buy it, and no one cares.