Todd Howard Says Fallout 76 Beta May Not Be Wiped Before Launch, Explains More About PvP

Head of Bethesda Game Studios Todd Howard revealed that the Fallout 76 beta may not be wiped before launch. He also shared more info on PvP.

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KaiPow1415d ago

Time to become a Mentat dealer!

DerekTweed1414d ago

Got any more of that Jet!

I'm more of a Jet junkie

Phoenix761414d ago

Who needs Jet when you've got Buffout

ccgr1415d ago

Can't wait to play this

PhantomS421414d ago

It should be wiped or else you are giving a lot of people a significant advantage over the day 1 people. Is Bethesda trying to torpedo this after the failed E3 reveal? Everything they say just makes this game sound worse and worse. Keep the online-only crap real Fallout fans will wait for Fallout 5

EazyC1414d ago

It's an experiment first and foremost. I personally am disappointed they wheeled out Fallout to do it, but I do get their angle I guess - it's just not for me

PhantomS421414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

It's a game nobody wanted and a game that doesn't have hype because they are tearing out everything that makes Fallout, Fallout while making it online only filling it with microtransactions and forcing you into PVP because there are no NPCs in a survival the only playstyle. Even they know it's a bad idea if they have to make you unkillable for the first 5 levels of the game.

slate911414d ago

Hey, I wanted this game :(

PhantomS421414d ago

Have fun with your microtransactions and lootboxes on a $60 game.

EazyC1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I agree with you to be honest, but I think I'm realising that games are often made as investments first, and art second. I imagine Zenimax/Beth bigwigs see the likes of Fortnite and salivate at the potential returns.

I will say, however, you can actually find a lot of folk who are interested. They find the 50s retrofture aesthetic pleasing and cool, and online as a big plus. Now, as a fan of the originals and NV, I think the series is just being diluted and milked dry (the 50s thing was so minimal in F1&2), but I also realise I'm a fairly small proportion of Fallout fanbase, so maybe this is how it goes. More digestible, disposable and trendy might be the way forward!

Avernus1414d ago

Real Fallout fan here, I'm getting Fallout 76. I have FA3 and FA:NV collectors edition. FA3 remains the best FA ever made imo, and is still one of my all time favorite games.

Please do not go around saying "real Fallout fans" will not buy this game. That's a truly ignorant generalization.

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Interloper1414d ago

Can we just get a release date for the BETA? By the time they announce it, it'll already be the launch date for the game itself. x_X