Ghost Of Tsushima Won't Be Historically Accurate, Here's Why

Sucker Punch doesn't want Ghost of Tsushima's historical setting to clash with our contemporary expectations of samurai.

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Mr_Writer85106d ago

Good thing I'd be playing the game for fun rather than a history lesson 😂

lxeasy106d ago

Yeah last time ps tried doing a historically accurate game they had giant crabs! LMAOL

Eidolon106d ago

Just as long as there no giant enemy crabs, I think we'll be okay.

Obelisk92106d ago

LOL I was about to post this man.

That one was the most hilarious conference I've ever seen.

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yeahright2106d ago

Was anyone expecting it to be?

DJ_Professor_K106d ago

Parts of it the landscape an so on the invasion but not in terms as a historical reenactment or documentary of course not

AK91106d ago

That's completely fine as long as they make a good game.