Amazon Prime No Longer Offers 20 Percent Discount on Re-Releases and Remasters

Amazon appears to have changed its rules regarding its famous 20% off discount for Amazon Prime pre-orders. It looks like the terms and conditions for the program has changed to no longer include “re-releases and re-masters”, so if you were thinking about using it to get some cash off Shenmue 1 & 2 or anything […]

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strayanalog1305d ago

Wow, Prime is slowly getting worse. And if things keep going like they are with re-releases and re-masters then 40-50% of the games next gen won't have a discount.

rainslacker1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

Yeah, they already dropped the discount for the two weeks after release, and the collector's editions.

They jacked up the price and made it so those who just wanted the free shipping now had to pay for the streaming service.

Personally, it's not worth it to have the streaming service to me much anymore, and the only reason I was willing to spend so much the past couple years is because of the games discount which did save me money.

I knew Amazon, and even Best Buy, couldn't maintain the 20% discount for that long. Said so long ago. People disagreed. The mark up on games is only around the 20-30% range as it is. But I'm not spending over $100 for Amazon Prime each year once my sub runs out. It'll be cheaper just to pay the shipping, and I can go back to just buying my games at Game Stop since Amazon charges tax now anyhow. At least with PUR cards I get the coupons to use on stuff, and a monthly magazine....although BB has that too. I can't even pre-order Sony games on Amazon now, so what's the point in using them if I can't get the game day one from them?

LOGICWINS1305d ago

I'll be looking into Gamestop as well. I'm a Powerup Member but I'll check out the higher tiers to see if the discounts are worth it.

InKnight7s1305d ago

I miss collector edition discounts, really.

Christopher1304d ago

They also are in a battle with Sony (and Disney) and want cheaper bulk buying of their hardware and software and stopped selling them direct from Amazon until Sony (and Disney) changes their mind.

BadBoyC1305d ago

I hate to say this but it's only a matter of time till they get rid of the whole thing altogether. With Best Buy getting rid of their gamers club this was bound to happen.

What really grinds my gears is that I buy a lot of exclusives and I am unable to pre-order any of Sony's games and get the 20% discount on them. This discount is not being fully fulfilled as promised. At this point I am starting to wonder why I continue to buy my games on Amazon instead of some local mom and pop shop.

Nodoze1305d ago

So they can screw you, throw your purchase in bubble wrap (allowing to to get mangled and damaged to no end), and get it out the door. They don't care about you, your product, or what you think. You are a means to an end. Oh yeah and they expect you to be loyal. Amazon has lost it luster. I won't even get into the incredible amounts of counterfeit merchandise that are shipped and SOLD by Amazon (let alone the 3rd parties).

Amazon is nothing more than the online equivalent of Walmart. Including the crap service, the subsidized low wage employees, massive corp tax breaks, and of course the billionaire CEO. He is literally laughing all the way to the bank. At least going to Walmart I know the products are not chinese knockoffs and are real.

Ditch Amazon and watch them change. I no longer buy most things from them.

agent45321304d ago

Because Amazon sells console games cheaper for now. The whole tax cuts to US corporations did not work. Proving trickle down economics doesn't work. With the current US trade war is going to get worse.

zugdar1304d ago

And Gamestop smiles a little bit every time another program like that gets cut. I know many have issues with Gamestop but where I live its the only option and if I had to gamble crappy packaging and possible delay of shipment over picking up at Gamestop after work the day of I'd do store pickup.

mrmikew20181305d ago

I would say rapidly......

For gamers at least there’s really going to be no point for getting prime.

Mark my words, they’re going to get rid of that 20% discount all together for games.

BlueUSAGoalie1305d ago

Prime is obsolete now. It was a great deal back in the day when there was no sales tax on anything. But Amazon and Prime both have come back down to earth. Prime def isn’t worth it anymore.

ginsunuva1300d ago

It's called create too-good-to-be-true value at first to hook everyone then cut off their stuff after they've gotten too used to the service. Classic drug dealer strategy

strayanalog1300d ago

Right you are, ginsunuva. Pretty smooth of Amazon, and I don't blame them as they are a business.
Admittedly though, I don't get too many games from them, but I am not going to let them try to piss on me and tell me it's raining either; especially if their discount cutting gets more insane.

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Fullmetalevolust1305d ago

I was shocked when I was trying to pick up Zone of the enders 2 and Okami. These are still new games to the platforms I am purchasing them for. It's BS.

Chaosdreams1305d ago

Prime has steadily been losing its value (for gamers).

As a Canadian I get a whopping 10% discount... So, it kind of covers tax? Kind of?

At this point the best deals are waiting 6+ months after the game's been released, and seeing how much has been chopped off the initial asking price.

neutralgamer19921305d ago

I pretty much do this because most games now a days aren't worth playing at launch. And didn't they just raise price for prime

assassin2k1305d ago

As a UK gamer we get £2 off preorders so it could be worse for you 😜

Nephesh1305d ago

Yes and Best Buy just discontinued their gamers club unlocked platform to so I guess none of y’all are getting my money I won’t renew with Amazon or Best Buy for anything I’ll just find another source to get games I’m sick of this crap. If I’m going to have to pay full price I’m definitely not going to give my money to one of these two retailers!

rainslacker1305d ago (Edited 1305d ago )

At least BB has their rewards program. Think it's like $5 coupons for every $250 spent. Same thing that GameStop offers, except it's $15 a year for GameStop PUR....although they now have a $30 service now too,but not sure what it includes.

Amazon Prime is probably worth it still if you want to use their streaming service which is decent enough. But I always used it for the free shipping, and was getting it for $79 a year for a couple years after they jacked up the price to over $100. I've paid that the past couple years because of the game discounts, but I don't see any reason to renew come February.

At least for the time being they have the 20% off of preorders, but since most of the games I want to preorder right now are Sony published titles, it seems kind of pointless and annoying to have to keep an eye on when and if they'll become available to take advantage of the promised feature of their service.

Kabaneri1305d ago

What is going on with Amazon and the Spiderman PS4 preorders being unavailable?

PiNkFaIrYbOi1305d ago

Been that way with Sony games since April. Probably something going on between Amazon and Sony but what exactly who knows right now.

BadBoyC1305d ago

Not only is Amazon not selling PS4 games but Amazon isn't selling PS4's either. I was informed by a friend who shops on Amazon all the time that in the last month or 2 PS4's are only being sold by 3rd party vendors at jacked up prices.

There is definitely something going on as you stated.

Nodoze1305d ago

Amazon is probably screwing Sony. Nintendo doesn't like them either. Amazon has lost it's way. They are WAY WAY too greedy and offer sub par everything (service, shipment, etc).

Hey Amazon let me turn off ALL third party listings on your site. I don't want pirate chinese knock offs...oh wait you are selling those too. Hmmmm.

hulk_bash19871305d ago

It's always been this way with Amazon preorders. A couple of weeks before release they usually go back in stock.

GamingSinceThe80s1305d ago

Maybe they think or know it's getting delayed,and don't want to deal with refunds.I remember one of the Sony heads saying that causes all kind of problems and they lose a ton of money.Hope not though game is looking most cool!

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