Jump In With Two New Xbox One Bundles

Games play best on Xbox One, but for those of you that haven’t already made the jump, there are two new bundles joining the Xbox One family today: the Xbox One X PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Bundle and the Xbox One S Minecraft Bundle.

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Kokyu1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Are either of those 200-250$ cause Im not buying an xbone for my collection til it hits that price point and that would be most likely 200$ ranger.

DialgaMarine1295d ago

Get a decent PC if you don’t already have one. If you do have one, don’t bother. Most useless console ever at that point.

TheSplooge1295d ago

Sorry that Microsoft hurt your feelings. They'll still enjoy your money either way 😉

DialgaMarine1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Hurt my feelings? No, just dissapointed me as a former Xbone S owner. I don’t give two shits about paying them for a product; it’s just sad to see them abuse a brand so badly, and sorry little corporate shills like yourself continue to be okay with it.

The 10th Rider1295d ago

The PC market isn't the best right now and there's often sales where you can get an Xbox One S with a game for under $200. Someone would be better off buying an S during a sale and then picking up a PC in a year or two than to pick up a PC now, unless they're interested in the other aspects of a PC.

DialgaMarine1295d ago

Eh, I’m enjoying the hell out of mine. Bought Cuphead and Planet Coaster on Steam recently, and having fun on those. Probably gonna get PUBG through Steam as well.

Kokyu1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

You missed the part where I said for my collection I have ever console Ive ever owned since 1984. I need one for my collection also the fact it plays 4k blu ray is nice too. I recently built a PC for my buddy to stream and play games on but I built my first pc in 1994.

The 10th Rider1295d ago


I'm not looking at it from a games perspective. I'm talking from a cost perspective. RAM is like 3 times the cost of what it was two years ago. GPUs are still more expensive than they were a few years back. Someone could easily buy an Xbox One S now for less than $200 and in a year or two GPU and RAM prices should be back to normal and they'll get a better bang for their buck and they will have a PC that should be set to run games throughout all of next gen. They can buy the digital copies of first party games that are play anywhere and they'll transfer over to the PC library. On top of that it comes with a controller that will be great to use on the PC and it'll still work as a 4K Bluray player.

I'm a huge fan of PC gaming, the market for it is just really bad right now. Three or four years ago I would have recommend buying/building a PC over any console. Nowadays it's definitely worth waiting a year or two.

VINNIEPAZ1295d ago

Feel better now knowing Sony loves you so so deeply?

DialgaMarine1295d ago

LMAO! I’m here defending PC, and you bring up Sony. Makes sense.

Chris121295d ago

Xbox troll calls others shills. DialgaMarine, the ultimate Sony diehard shill speaks.....

Skull5211295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

PUBG bundle needs a disclaimer that it causes addiction similar to meth.

Prince_TFK1295d ago

Maybe for you, but not for the 35 million+ who had bought it.

gangsta_red1295d ago

Marine has conjured up a magical PC from the dark realms.

DialgaMarine1295d ago

@Gangsta Oh, it’s real. Nothing amazing, but it gets the job done enough to where I can play every Xbox “exclusive” without having to buy anything Xbox lol

Bobafret1294d ago

Funny, I have decent gaming rig and all I play on it is the new BattleTech, otherwise I use my Xbox One X. Not everyone prefers the same things. You will learn this when your balls drop.

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Eonjay1295d ago

They are $299 and $499

jznrpg1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

I was going to get one at the end of the gen when it was 200 but unfortunately there isn’t anything worth playing besides Ori and Killer instinct and I played Ori on my friends laptop who had it already. I got Ori for my PC really cheap . Since they are supposed to backwards compatible maybe I will buy one in 5-7 years when they might have more than 2 games worth buying

paintedgamer19841295d ago

Agreed, basically everything can be played on pc or a xb1 from 2013 (which are like 100-150 used online).

The 10th Rider1295d ago

If you keep an eye out for deals S bundles drop below $200 often enough.

Just in the past couple weeks:

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V10Elit3x1295d ago (Edited 1295d ago )

Good prices, but I already had an Xbox S and sold it to get a X. Regretting every single day that I bought an X. Havent bought a single game since Forza 7.

DialgaMarine1295d ago

I’m thankful I’ve yet to even feel tempted to waste my money on one.

Immorals1295d ago

I bought an x after I got my 4k TV and am very happy with my purchase. Everything is more snappy and HDR makes a life and day difference

V10Elit3x1295d ago

I also have 4K HDR OLED 65" tv from LG, yeah but my friends are playing on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4, and that makes Xbox One X irrelevant for me.


I have the opposite problem, Bought a Day One X1 in 2013, been playing it, bought a PS4 Pro and an X, beat HZD and GOW and that is literally all I have played on it... I don't regret it though, because Exclusives!

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TGGJustin1295d ago

Oh yeah yet another Minecraft bundle and a bundle of a game with the X that they've been giving away free with a purchase for 6 months now. Trust me PUBG will really show people they made a good $500 investment with it's terrible graphics and sub 30FPS.

Then again when you have no exclusives you'll throw anything out there in a bundle.

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