Kojima Productions Mascot Ludens Was Not A New Idea, It’s Over 20 Years Old

Back in 2016, when the newly reformed Kojima Productions unveiled their mascot Ludens, many people began to speculate exactly what he was.

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andibandit110d ago

Yawn.... more info about the game please.

JonTheGod110d ago

Yeah, give us the full plot with all spoilers! Who needs to be teased this days. We want to know everything about a game before we play it!

110d ago
Lord_Sloth109d ago

Okay, it's obvious you're just being obnoxious but I feel like it needs to be said anyways... It would be nice to have SOME KIND OF DETAILS ABOUT THE GAME WE'RE EXPECTED TO BUY! Seriously, right now there isn't really anything we know about it and I don't tend to buy games that I know absolutely nothing about.

PUBG110d ago

We need some Ludens gameplay. If you eventually become Ludens, and have the ability to wreak havok on those shadowy beings, then this could be a cool game.

UCForce110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Well, we did saw some Death Stranding gameplay trailer and yes it was about walking around and carry stuffs. But we also saw Sam carry a gun at the end of the trailer and Sam sneaking behind those shadow creatures with his “baby devices” thingy. One thing for sure, the game isn’t CGI after all and Decima Engine aka HZD Engine look beautiful.

PUBG109d ago

It's not MGS either, and still, nobody knows what the hell is going on here.

UCForce110d ago

Death Stranding is world of phenomenon.

G3ng4r110d ago

Oh okay. So he's been doodling the same sketch for twenty years so he wants to find as much significance in it as possible. Autism maybe?

DarkMeans110d ago

Another clue in this tidbit of a tweet. So what is the significance of the "astronaut exploring digital space" as it stands with the rest of the small but of info we know at this point about Death Stranding?

andibandit110d ago

I hardly think this was intended to have any clues.

Apocalypse Shadow110d ago

Twitch gamers need help. Wanting to know everything before release.

When the PT demo came out,how much did gamers know about it? How many gamers knew it was a brilliant marketing device for Silent Hill? All you did was walk down a hallway. And walk some more.

No one did. That's Hideo Kojima's genius at work. Let the game be a mystery for awhile.

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