Bandai Namco reveal their Gamescom 2018 line-up

Neil writes: "E3 is over but the next big show is just around the corner. For many, that will be Gamescom and today Bandai Namco have detailed their full 2018 line-up. It looks pretty damn tasty too."

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Knightofelemia2154d ago

I really want the Xenosaga trilogy

morganfell2154d ago

I was hoping for something from GITS.

lxeasy2154d ago

I need to see more jump force

Rangerman12082154d ago


Oh and by the way, Bandai Namco.......New Gundam Breaker.

Just letting you know.

crazychris41242154d ago

We better get a release date for Ace Combat 7

Orionsangel2154d ago

I really want Tekken vs Soul Calibur.

Tigerblud2154d ago

Good line up. Can't wait for Code Vein.

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The Games Industry Needs A Stronger Games Media

The move away from written coverage of games is a problem for journalists and for the games industry.

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lodossrage16h ago

What we need is a more honest games media. I'm sorry but if you're an outlet in bed with a publisher or getting goodies to attend preview/ review events then you can't be trusted to be objective. Very similar to the need for getting money out of politics.

ApocalypseShadow53m ago

Basically this. We've seen how the game media turned for the worse after the acceptance of advertising dollars during the 360 era from one particular company. How many websites were willing to sell out for Mountain Dew and Doritos. Accepting $800 Halo Swag bags and expensive Windows laptops to do blogging.

Video sites like game trailers that was willing to lie about PS3 graphics and sometimes, still had the wrong controller image at the bottom on the video. And, turned off comments it deleted them to keep the truth from being told.

That same company twisted certain gamers to a new level of fanboyism. This website was full of them when I arrived. Lying through their noses again and again. Then, that very company started lying or withholding information that showed the truth. That their competitors were selling more worldwide and had better graphics overall. But the damage to the media and a certain group of gamers was done. And, continues to this day. Even after hearing the truth that that company they serve is very destructive to the industry, developers and gamers.

anast4h ago

Most game journalists are pariahs and low level marketing drones. They got too greedy and cannibalized their respect and trust. Something they learned not to do in their journalism schools. This is why we might as well watch gameplay critics on You Tube. Don't get me wrong, I love reading, but for every genuine article there is a thousand game journalist trying to gloss over monetization schemes so they can sell the game to gamers in order to get free games to do their jobs. It gets old. Even this piece doesn't address the problem.


Nordic Game has just revealed the winners of Nordic Game Awards 2024

"Nordic Game has revealed the winners of this year’s Nordic Game Awards, which took place on Thursday, May 23, during NG24 Spring and streamed live from Slagthuset in Malmö, Sweden." - Nordic Game.


Limited Run Games reveal physical console editions of Clock Tower: Rewind

Love survival horror? Love physical editions of games? Limited Run Games have got your back as they reveal a physical collection for Clock Tower: Rewind on Xbox, Switch, PlayStation and PC.

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Hugodastrevas2d ago

Still waiting for the physical release of Tomba!