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"My experience with the NieR franchise is mostly limited to the release of NieR: Automata when it launched on the PlayStation 4 last year. I did play a few hours of the original NieR back on the Xbox 360 some 7 years ago, but I would be surprised if I played more than 4 or 5 hours of it. While not much has changed for this Xbox One release, at least in any substantial way, Xbox One gamers finally have the chance to play this wonderful action masterpiece. " Jeff Young - Analog Stick Gaming

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AK91604d ago

I forgot how much I enjoyed this game and the sensational music. Plus the X makes the game look even better than my previous playthrough

AnalogStickGaming604d ago

Amazing Soundtrack. That and Ruiner may have my favorite soundtracks of all time. Games or otherwise.

Dark_Knightmare2603d ago

Ruiner soundtrack is absolutely amazing especially the theme that plays when you’re walking around the hub

CrimsonWing69603d ago

Ummmm not to be that guy but you might need glasses:

Not sure why the Xbox One X doesn’t do what the whole branding behind it said it would, but yea... not that much better looking apparently.

AnalogStickGaming603d ago

I didn't notice this on my tv 55" LG 4K HDR vs a Sony 4K HDR 55" as I ran the two versions side by side. I'll definitely update my review to reflect this info. I may have had my settings on the LG in a way where I didn't notice this HDR issue. I did find that Xbox One version had better aliasing and some of the texture quality was a bit sharper due to the resolution boost.

PoopsMcGee604d ago

I need to return to this game. I started it last year and it didn't really hook me so I went to other games, but I really want to give it another chance (I did enjoy the demo).

AnalogStickGaming604d ago

I know it can seem like a big time sink, but the third playthrough is where the game really gripped me. I mean, I did enjoy the first 20+ hours going into the game, but it gets incredible during that last time through the game. Just be prepared for the pacing to take a nose dive after the content you played during the demo. It does pick up, but those moments after the demo content can feel very slow moving. Still, great game tho.

AKS603d ago

We must have very different tastes, then. I had Nioh, Horizon, and Breath of the Wild in my possession, and everything went on hold when I started playing Nier until I finished routes A through E. It was the storytelling and characters that hooked me very early.

Larrysweet604d ago

Ugg framerate is god awful on x much much better iq and hdr is nice but ugg fps

AnalogStickGaming604d ago

I found it to drop frames almost as often as the Pro, but I'm sure it is simply down to the fact that the game wasn't optimized well enough. Still, it didn't happen too often for me to not enjoy it.

shaenoide604d ago (Edited 604d ago )

Because the CPU (on consoles) is garbage. It works for framerate and AI too.