Pity Poor Waluigi

It’s time to think about the sad life of the Good Purple Boy.

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PhoenixUp133d ago

There needs to be a new Wario Land game that features Waluigi

DivineAssault 133d ago

Ive been wanting that for years. Im sure they can make a really fun 2player game featuring those two. The last Wario Land was on wii and nobody bought it for some reason. I thought it was good

FallenAngel1984133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

I have more pity for the likes of King K Rool, Leaf, Tingle, Geno & Raichu than I do for Waluigi.

strayanalog133d ago

Wow. Tingle?! That's.. yeah, that can't be good for Waluigi, like at all.

FallenAngel1984133d ago

Waluigi gets a better deal than all of those characters.

Geno, Leaf, & King K Rool don’t appear in as many games as Waluigi.

Raichu it gets overshadowed by Pikachu & Pichu so many times in a similar fashion to Waluigi. Game Freak have treated Raichu as an artifact pretty much as soon as Yellow Version came out towards the end of Gen I. After Pikachu solidified itself as not only the mascot, but having a reputation of never wanting to evolve, Raichu became little more than a bully to be upstaged by its unevolved form every 4 or 5 seasons in the anime. Notably, none of the Pikaclones in future generations even have the option of an evolved 'Raichu' form, staying Pikachu-like forever. Competitively, Pikachu can have better offense than Raichu if it has a Light Ball, and better defense if it has Eviolite, meaning Raichu only consistently outdoes it in Speed and HP. And Gen VI continued the non-evolving trend by introducing Cosplay Pikachu instead of a potential "Mega Raichu." This ended after 19 years when Pokemon Sun And Moon gave Raichu an Alola form with a brand-new Ability and one-of-a-kind Z-move. However at least Waluigi has had a bit bigger presence in the Super Smash Bros since the second entry than Raichu who had to wait an entire five entries to finally be represented in some way, and that’s in its Alolan form while its original form may never be in the series at all.

Tingle is at least liked in Japan. In every other part of the world just the very appearance of Tingle sends rage to many people. Waluigi at least has fans in every set of the world where it’s not lopsided. Nintendo themselves have acknowledged this by reducing Tingle’s presence in future games whereas you can always count on Waluigi to make an appearance in almost every Mario spinoff.

So yeah there’s plenty of characters who got an even lesser deal than Waluigi yet you don’t see a huge outcry for them whenever they get shafted.