Why Multiplayer In Fallout 76 Might Not Be As Bad As Many Anticipate

Bethesda Softworks shocked the games industry with a surprise announcement of Fallout 76. As a spin off from the traditional numbered series, Fallout 76 will play host to the series' first online multiplayer experience; but does that mean single player fans should be weary of Bethesda's upcoming title?

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InKnight7s933d ago

Another article for why always online for a non real MMO game?
Like past Crew, Division, NFS and they all were wrong.

Always online is bad and pathetic in most cases, Just Imagine FFVIIR or KH3 will be always online game?

I suggest for the OP to defend consumer benefits instead of trying to sell pathetic ideas.

MuddyWaters933d ago

How do you add consistent updates and keep the game fresh unless you are online? This is what some kind of neglect and that is they want to create a world now that involves other players and the interactions going on. Then they take that feedback and what works they improve on, what doesn't they remove.

Listen, I'm the first one that would agree Fallout has always been about playing solo and discovering the story yourself and interacting at your own pace. They are trying something different so forgive me to have any sympathy for those who are bashing it without playing it.

MorpheusX933d ago (Edited 933d ago )


People like u are all full of shit.

Its not about creative expression, & about trying something new, it's about "Jumping on the Bandwagon".

Bethesda is trying to "MILK" it's fans by turning a single player game, into a Mulitplayer game, where fans will be charged for Microtransactions, DLC etc .

It's a Live Service approach, nothing "new" as you stated.

smh, stop lying and trying to sugar coat what these Business Conglomerates are doing, which is make "more" $$$,'s that simple.

UltraNova933d ago

Really? How would people react if COD went full single player with online being an afterthought at best? Thats how controversial making Fallout an MP focused game is.

-T9X-69-933d ago


Milking its fanbase? Their last game was 2 1/2 years ago. You guys love to act like you HAVE to buy this game. You don't. You can easily skip it with the amount of games coming out this holiday. They are offering dedicated servers, something still a lot of companies don't. They confirmed cosmetic microtransactions to help pay for the servers and free content added.

If you're going to quote someone, at least you what they said. Not what you want them to say. He said "They are trying something different". That means not the norm. That doesn't mean something new. Maybe you should stop lying and sugar coating your quotes to match the negative narrative you're painting.

gamer9933d ago

Morpheus are you being a little bit aggressive? You know there are some people that like Fallout AND like online games too. We just had Fallout 4.. I’m 100% in for trying something new with an Online Fallout. Don’t like it then wait for Fallout 5

Goldby933d ago

"How do you add consistent updates and keep the game fresh unless you are online?"

simple, updates. like games have done since they were allowed to.

Witcher 3 isnt always online, isnt even online, yet it was able to bring alot more to the table than Bethesda ever will with their GaaS approach

MuddyWaters932d ago

Ignore this title then because Fallout 5 is coming, so is Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield. All of which will be single player.

Typical attitude.

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-T9X-69-933d ago

It's always online because it's an online only game. You just compared that to FF7 Remake and KH3. Two single players titles. I suggest you work on educating yourself a bit more on the subject before making more ignorant comparisons.

InKnight7s932d ago

So Fallout is not a singleplayer game? 76 is a prequel not even a spin off. It just like releasing Crisis Core FFVII (which is a prequel) as an online game, or online always sequel of The Witcher.

-T9X-69-932d ago (Edited 932d ago )


I like to go by facts, not peoples perspective of how they see things. I also don't put words into peoples mouth. Fallout, Fallout 2, 3, New Vegas and 4 are all single player titles, yes. We are talking about Fallout 76 though aren't we? It's an online only game. New Vegas was also a "spin off" title. So lets educate you a little bit.

The definition of "spin off" is: "a byproduct or incidental result of a larger project"

To help you a little further, a byproduct is the following: "an incidental or secondary product made in the manufacture or synthesis of something else"

Todd confirmed that Fallout 76 was actually the base for the multiplayer portion of Fallout 4. But they decided against it and went strictly single player. During that time in development, they grew larger and decided to actually go through with it. Thus, Fallout 76 is the exact definition of a "byproduct" which translates over to the word "spin off". Same with Fallout New Vegas, it was a byproduct designed by a different team. It's a prequel because you can't fit a narrative built by the community within a timeline so focused on single player driven story. Which is exactly why it makes sense in the timeline for Fallout 76 to be a multiplayer game.

You can read a little bit more about here:

I would suggest watching the documentary they reference because it provides a lot of information and answers to many questions and concerns I've seen here around N4G about Fallout 76 and Bethesda in general.

InKnight7s932d ago

Stop educating and listen, just stick to the point? Fallout 76 is a prequel by developers words. So why in the world that a prequel of singleplayer series would be an online always game? Online always for such games is a disease. If they would just do a spin off or new establishment like The Elder Scrolls Online which is seperated, that would be understandable and acceptable, but doing an always online for sequel or prequel for non online games, its just milking and huge mess with consumers.

-T9X-69-932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

Well the problem here is you don't have your facts straight. If you don't have your facts straight and understand correctly, how is any point I attempt going to make sense to you? Educating yourself on something you like to talk about (I assume that's why you're here? To talk about games) isn't something to take offensively.

It's using the IP's name and shipping on all major platforms. If it didn't fit within the universe, timeline and lore, they would have called it something different. Hence why the name of the game is named after the Vault you start in. It's a spin off title that happens to be a prequel.

You're also confusing "Online Only" with "Always Online". They are 100% not the same.

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3-4-5932d ago

It might be like in Fantasy Life for 3DS....You played single player but could play with ai or other humans for some quests.

Gridknac933d ago

The one thing I don't understand yet is, if the game is going to be played fully online with servers, are we going to be playing on the same server all the time? Lets say I build a base or whatever, and another player out exploring comes across my settlement. They make note on their map where my camp is. Now the next time they jump into the game, are they going to be on the same server as me again? Because if they are not, they would travel back to the same spot and my settlement would't be there. What if i get 25 hrs in and have built up a nice settlement, only to find out there is another player on my server that I just can't get along with. Can I move to another server without fear of loosing everything? I don't know, maybe these questions have been answered elsewhere, but I sure would like to know!

-T9X-69-933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

For starters, there's dedicated servers. Whenever you log-in to the game you're connected to a random server. Private servers will be available but not a launch. You have a deployable "workbench" per say (forget what they called it) that can be placed anywhere and will provide you with X amount of space to build your base. There's no permadeath. You don't loose everything you're carrying when you die. When you log out, your base gets packed up and goes with you. When you log back in, your base will automatically redeploy where you left it previously. If you happen to join a server and someone has a base placed in the same spot. Your base will be packed up and you can redeploy it wherever you like.

In a recent interview, Todd said there would be fast travel but no details. Also players up to level 5 cannot be killed by PVP. Although Todd did say this could change. Just to throw it out there, Nukes aren't just being fired left and right. They said the codes are scattered all over the map and when you launch it, it creates a high level zone with rare gear and loot. That being said, the only assumption I'll make is considering it creates a high level zone is the codes will be probably also be guarded by high level enemies. So I doubt people will be firing Nukes left and right on day 1.

slate91933d ago

Can't wait for this game man.

UltraNova933d ago

Thanks for the explanation but lets be honest, nukes will be fired by day 2 maybe even day 3...dont underestimate people's obsession.

-T9X-69-933d ago


Depends on how the game is designed if it allows you to progress that fast. For argument sake, let's assume it does. Of course there will be a few people. But it's not going to be common enough where every server you join has nukes being fired.

Let's not forget they are having a beta. Once that's out and people are playing, I imagine a lot of tweaking will be done. I'm not the biggest PVP player as I prefer co-op or single player. But I'm staying open minded until we see more. There's plenty of time and you never know what you might miss out on by writing things off so quickly.

Kokyu933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

You say that like you can play 76 a different way its only MP. Try to spin it how every you want but the fact other a$$holes can drop nukes on you is not awesome or cool no matter how you try to justify it.

The_Jackel933d ago

its ok Todd will be asked why only online and will point the finger at ms or sony (more so sony) like he always does. never his doing always someone elses fault.

i don't see why this needs to be online only that's why i'm more than likely going to skip it but at least one thing, it was stated now not on release or a week off release date like some do

Kokyu933d ago

It needs to be online only so they can milk it. Its easier to push MT in online only grabage games.

The_Jackel933d ago

this is true, i'm sure there is something like that planned and why it will only be online, wonder if they will keep it hush then be like "oh thanks for buying the gamr btw MT's and lootboxes enjoy"

MorpheusX932d ago


Have u heard of or tried Elex?

Just curious,...I'm playing it now, reminds me of a Fallout type of game. I actually like it better than Fallout, I prefer the story, setting, & lore more than Fallout.

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Lighter9933d ago

Your comment is so ignorant. Please go and do some research before saying these things.

Kokyu933d ago

I dont have to research stuff they've openly said themselves tard.

gamer9933d ago

Nukes are not primarily for PVP, they are for opening up high level areas of enemies with the best loot. Players get a warning if they are going to be nuked. Also, your base can be rebuilt easily

Kokyu933d ago (Edited 933d ago )

"Nukes are not primarily for PVP" yeah cause that will matter oh so much to people online. You're clueless.

"Players get a warning if they are going to be nuked. Also, your base can be rebuilt easily"

you act like some how thats going to make it better or something. It will end up with them having to remove them from the game or change the entire mechanic obviously these tards on here defending this have never played or seen a game like this before. It will just be gangs of a$$hole looking to screw with people and not really play the game. They will find away to glitch to max lvl or some other bug and then start raining nukes.

Goldby933d ago


i know what you mean, todd stated dont worry there isnt pvp so you dont need to worry about a nuke dropping on you. instead it will drop on the tree right beside you...

gamer9933d ago

Kokyu, so you don’t want any interaction with other real players? Ya.. this game isn’t for you

King_Lothric933d ago

This game is a skip. Not falling for it.

MorpheusX932d ago


nice one. 😂

MorpheusX933d ago

Mulitplayer " in " Fallout 76?

Fallout 76 " is " a Multiplayer game.

Smh. Word Games.

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