7 games that should join the Nintendo online service (with online multiplayer)

"With the Nintendo online service launching later this year, I can’t help but think about what future games will become a part of the subscription plan. As you know, a selection of NES games will have added online play for the first time. This new feature excites me greatly. This will allow some classic gems to relive their glory days and/or find a new audience of younger gamers. Today, I want to talk about seven classic games that I would love to play online." -- Nintendo Enthusiast

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PhoenixUp204d ago

It’s ridiculous that some of Nintendo’s current games don’t even have online multiplayer even with their upcoming subscription soon taking form

DJK1NG_Gaming204d ago

Uh 1/3 of the games Nintendo published so far on Switch have online multiplayer.

JunMei202d ago

Goldeneye would be cool, but it can't happen due to legal reasons between Microsoft, Nintnendo, and Rare.