H1Z1: Will new Outbreak map hit PlayStation 4? Daybreak Games outlines future PS4 plans

H1Z1 has been massively popular on PS4 since launch - but will developer Daybreak Games continue to support the game on the console post-launch?

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IamTylerDurden1202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Of course. Over 10 million players in a few weeks and people on n4g claimed it would flop. H1Z1 runs well and plays well on PS4, it's an excellent Battle Royale game and the numbers have been huge. Daybreak will absolutely support the PS4 version because there is money to be made. They just need to add more loot and cosmetics, some more toys and they're good. The game looks great and it plays great, especially for beta. Daybreak has potential to make quite a bit of money if they make the right moves. A high quality Battle Royale game that's similar to Pubg but FREE and supported by the world's most popular console. It differentiates itself enough from Fortnite with its preference for realism.