There is an incredible Power Rangers mod for Final Fantasy XV that you can download right now

DSOGaming writes: "Now here is a really cool mod collection for Final Fantasy XV. Steam’s member ‘Jazneo’ has released some mods that bring the Red, Green, Blue and Black rangers from Power Rangers to Final Fantasy XV, alongside their iconic weapons."

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milohighclub204d ago (Edited 204d ago )

They should keep adding to this, make some monsters huge and introduce zords. Plus when you warp it would be cool to add the colours to make it look like they're teleporting. Maybe even a morphing mechanic and some iconic villains.

Edit: actually why not add an actual teleport mechanic

diepdiep204d ago

I’d love to see them mod the summons as megazords.

isarai204d ago

this is the coolest S*%T EVER!, i hope someone sees this and makes a power ranger game similar to this. I always though 3d co-op hack and slash/beat'em up is where a power ranger game would shine, but it never happened