Original Xbox Prototype from Bill Gates’s GDC 2000 Keynote on Display at Microsoft Visitor Center

The original Xbox Prototype was posted online by Graeme Boyd on his twitter profile. Graeme Boyd is a Social Marketing Manager for Xbox

Nitrowolf22215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I think it looks really cool lol and at the same time stupid because of the size

2215d ago
badz1492214d ago

it's the xbox DNA. did you forget how big the original xbox and launch xbone were?

porkChop2215d ago

That was such a cool prototype. It was too bulky for a retail product, but it looks awesome. That would be sweet for a custom PC build.

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strayanalog2215d ago

I still remember the announcement, and definitely haven't forgot what this monster looked like! Still, though bulky, it is a cool prototype and wonderful piece of gaming history.

Ninjamonkey822215d ago

Maybe not practical but i would have brought it like that liked that prototype would sit nice next to my panasonic gamecube now tbh :).

Sidewinder-2214d ago

Woah, what a wacky looking machine. I'd never heard of it! Does it play PAL?

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A Leak Reveals Interesting Details About the New Xbox controller

The leak updates us with some interesting details about the long-awaited Xbox Wireless Controller codenamed "Sebile".

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Zeref14h ago(Edited 14h ago)

I don't think this is Sebile. I doubt they would release a new generation Xbox controller with a blue transparent casing as the main color?? That makes no sense. It doesn't fit the aesthetics of the current Xbox design language.

2nd of all. A new generation controller named Sky Cypher?? I know Microsoft is bad at naming things but come on lol...

This is isn't Sebile, this is 100% just a special edition color for the controller we have now.

Tacoboto12h ago

A Sky name and color wouldn't make sense for a Microsoft currently marketing Xbox on Fire Stick and releasing ports onto PS?

It's such an awkward move it sounds totally in the modern Xbox playbook. Release it as a special edition first, before adding it as the pack-in controller for the "updated" consoles releasing in the fall.

... I do hope this isn't the refreshed controller though. Microsoft will have missed the point if it's only haptics they're adding and not gyro sensors as well.

ChasterMies14h ago

Transparent blue controller? Yes, take me back to the glory of the Bondi Blue of the late 1990s!

YourMommySpoils13h ago

The new controllers, they have ass. Hopefully they don't leak.

gold_drake11h ago

a new blue transparent controller?

nah dont believe that's Sebile at all.
maybe a special edition one.