DICE on Battlefield V Vanity Items: They Need To Be Believable, We're Not Creating Steampunk

DICE's Andreas Morrell talked again about the vanity items in Battlefield V, saying that they need to be believable as it won't be steampunk.

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-Foxtrot934d ago

Lol..the reveal trailer says different

It's like an alternative steampunk WW2 game.

Majin-vegeta934d ago

What things weren't aviable during ww2 that were in the trailer?

-Foxtrot934d ago

It’s about about things they showed it was the overall style

It’s how they’ve approached WW2, bright, colourful, men with shirts off, light hearted, War paint, weird hairstyles and facial hair which go against that timeframe or seem out of place. The prosthetic arm didn’t help.

It came off as an alternative world

annoyedgamer934d ago

Every time I begin to think EA is finally going overboard with bad business decisions. I see guys like you who remind me that EA is not only doing just fine, but are brilliantly fooling their customer base.

aaronaton934d ago

Such a shame Steven speilberg didn't display the historical accurate items in saving private ryan!
Where were the tribal tattooed women amputee's in that classic film?
Shame on him and that generation I say!

Linktothepast934d ago

Since you asked - female brits on the front line with very advanced prosthetic limbs.

Obviously the OTT action is also unrealistic but heck, it's a game and they have artistic freedom. Same thing goes for the character diversity. Comments like this, however, make it seem like they're trying to kid themselves.

Nitrowolf2934d ago

It’s not which of it wasn’t in ww2, it’s how overblown the trailer made it as if that was a full on norm

The 10th Rider934d ago


I agree generally with your point, but I don't see why the color is such a huge issue. Sure, most WW2 films and games use a certain color scheme, but it's not as if that time period was any less colorful than going outside is today.

RacerX934d ago

LOL, suddenly DICE Is concerned their game needs to be believable? Can't stop laughing....

AnubisG934d ago (Edited 934d ago )

A woman soldier with a prostetic arm riding through a battlefield on a bike while sniping the enemy on the western front. You know what kind of kickback a sniper rifle has? There is no way you can hold onto it with a prostetic arm.

A scottish dude jumping through the second floor window with a katana om his back.

Other than that....ok I guess.😁

Liqu1d934d ago

Was it common for female Brits to be on the frontline with prosthetic limbs? I'm going to guess it wasn't.

ShadowWolf712934d ago

That arm, for one.

Prosthetic arms back then were not functional like that.

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Crazyglues934d ago

I know right, that's all I got from the trailer that it would be DICE version of WWII with robot arms and steam punk look, color your hair however you want, play as a women with robot parts change your boots and uniform to whatever... LoL -At least that's how it seem from the trailer....

Teflon02934d ago

First, that was a prostethic arm. People had that in ww2. The hairstyles are real hairstyles that could be wore. people were forced to be bald alot in war but you don't see people crying when you see the characters with hair. The first trailer was nowhere as bad as people are claiming. They're just showing options you can get over time. If you look at the gameplay etc. that's been shown so far, it's just basically how BF4 customization was but you can actually do more than clothes which already made no sense by all this non logic. Because you can wear any war clothes despite the situation as long as you unlocked it. Same with the guns. I use to have a all red paint on my gun I believe it was even though I was playing in a snow level etc. Doesn't matter, People are so damn annoying and extra

FantasticBoss934d ago

I keep seeing everyone throw around steampunk, but I feel like most of you who say that don't know a whole lot about that aesthetic. Go google it. A crude prosthetic arm in the 40's does not make it steampunk.

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Teflon02934d ago

Why don't you read the damn comment they gave. Then your dumb comment wouldn't make sense to you or anyone here. They've done extensive research and said they're only adding what existed then. A Prosthetic arm was used in WW2 so you can see it in the game. The samurai Sword was put in because a man has confirmed kills using a Samurai Sword in WW2. He used a sword and bag pipes. DICE said don't be surprised if that's not put in somehow too. The point of this game is to highlight the things not very known etc. in ww2, so it actually makes alot of sense that they added customization options that existed but were extremely uncommon or even the 0.00001 percentage. If they find proof it existed, they plan on using it. That's called dedication and the reason DICE is a successful Dev while you seem to have time to comment on 90% of N4G posts

Teflon02934d ago

Another one what? You better not be speaking real profile. This is my only one on N4G and is the same as my PSN. You can't even respond properly because you have nothing to say lmao. Stop the non sense please

-Foxtrot934d ago

Oh I have plenty to say...just not to people like you

You are just a waste of time...I nothing you

FantasticBoss934d ago

I think they are specifically referring to ideas like you aren't going to find super wacky goofy out of place stuff like someone running around in pink polka dots and a pirate hat. There is a difference between wackadoo crazy and items that fit within their feel and aesthetic.

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fluxmulder934d ago

Believable went out the window with that first trailer.

The 10th Rider934d ago

If they'd simply showed their E3 conference trailer at the reveal event, instead of that awful reveal trailer, the reveal would have been received sooooo much better. Instead they've been stuck in defense mode with the PR ever since, lol.

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