Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for July 2018 any good?

Neil writes: "Every single month we hear the same old thing about the Xbox Games With Gold titles. "We don't want that rubbish - we want decent games, we want AAA blockbusters, we want something different". Well, the free Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles being given away during the month of July pretty much tick those boxes. What's the chances there will still be complaints?"

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AG100694d ago

Tom clancy and virtua fighter are great death sqaured is pretty cool idk about assualt

lxeasy694d ago

Splinter cell conviction is great, vf 5 is fun. Haven't played the other two so I'm excited to try them out.

ApexWolf22694d ago

Great month for 360 titles, X1 titles remind me of early days when all they gave away were indies, I hope they dont start doing that again.

AG100694d ago

at least you can play the 360 games on xb1 too lol

Goldby694d ago

Now that there's gamepass, expect bugger AAA to have priority in that, more money for both the dev and Ms more likely

yomfweeee694d ago

I though Plus was lackluster this month. Gold is way worse.

BQ32694d ago

Vf5 fs is the best fighting game of all time abd backwards compatible, so it is a huge win in my book.

annoyedgamer694d ago

No these are pretty awful. Virtua Fighter is great and so is Splinter Cell but those are 360 titles.

lxeasy694d ago

so what if there 360 titles it's still awesome

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