Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for July 2018 any good?

Neil writes: "Every single month we hear the same old thing about the Xbox Games With Gold titles. "We don't want that rubbish - we want decent games, we want AAA blockbusters, we want something different". Well, the free Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles being given away during the month of July pretty much tick those boxes. What's the chances there will still be complaints?"

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AG1001913d ago

Tom clancy and virtua fighter are great death sqaured is pretty cool idk about assualt

lxeasy1913d ago

Splinter cell conviction is great, vf 5 is fun. Haven't played the other two so I'm excited to try them out.

ApexWolf221913d ago

Great month for 360 titles, X1 titles remind me of early days when all they gave away were indies, I hope they dont start doing that again.

AG1001913d ago

at least you can play the 360 games on xb1 too lol

Goldby1912d ago

Now that there's gamepass, expect bugger AAA to have priority in that, more money for both the dev and Ms more likely

yomfweeee1913d ago

I though Plus was lackluster this month. Gold is way worse.

BQ321913d ago

Vf5 fs is the best fighting game of all time abd backwards compatible, so it is a huge win in my book.

annoyedgamer1913d ago

No these are pretty awful. Virtua Fighter is great and so is Splinter Cell but those are 360 titles.

lxeasy1912d ago

so what if there 360 titles it's still awesome

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Sega Still Has No Concrete Plans For Virtua Fighter 6

From Siliconera: "The latest Famitsu issue has special coverage to mark the release of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown. It included an interview with chief producer Seiji Aoki from Sega. The interview revealed that Sega still has yet to make any plans for Virtua Fighter 6 as of Ultimate Showdown‘s release. "

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KingofBandits846d ago

Disappointing but I would think that the re-release of VF5 will play a large roll in if VF6 happens or not. Fighting games have went from "evergreen" coin eaters to e-sports competitions and I could see that making new titles difficult for the bean counters to justify. Still the current trends in fighters have me less then thrilled with the future of the genre. Way too much DLC, over priced season passes, $100 "day 1 editions" its all just become a bit ridiculous imo.

Yi-Long845d ago (Edited 845d ago )

The genre has been killing itself with its DLC greed. Only hardcore fighting games fans will invest in buying these releases on Day 1, while everyone else sees the expensive Season Passes and decides to either wait for a complete edition somewhere down the line, or just skip these games completely.

A more healthy plan for these games would be to release these games for 40 bucks orso, announce ALL content released post-release will be 100% free for all players, and then just KEEP that price for the game at that 40 bucks for the first few years.

That way, there’s far more incentive for players to step in on Day 1, you won’t split up the community between haves & have nots, you’ll keep positive word of mouth rolling with each new free update throughout its lifespan, and you’ll be able to sell the base-game for full price for FAR longer than they did last-gen with games like Tekken 7 & SC6 in the bargain-bin within 2-3 months after release (and many STILL opting NOT to buy it, because of the expensive DLC and thus the idea you’d buy a fraction of a game … )

DLC greed keeps folks from buying games at full price, or even buying it at all. Again, FANS will buy, but many more mainstream occasional players will skip.

VTKC845d ago

That is so me. I am a fan but a fan with self control. The last time I fell for their Decievingly Later Content was Tekken 7 and Dragonball fighting game. I have not brought another fighter on Day one since then. Tons of content for Tekken 7 I missing out on. Same with Dead or Alive, Soul Caliber, Dragonball. I refuse to buy their game X amount of times again until they do a "Legacy Edition". Or whatever they call them now where all the content is on the disc or discs and not with some voucher codes like lazy ass Street Fighter 5. And if they never do one then too bad. I will just play some other game. Theres plenty of suckers out there funding these practices.

Yi-Long844d ago

Same. I bought DB FighterZ new, but it was only 8 bucks orso. Never bought any of the DLC and never will, but if they’ll release a Complete Edition I’d bite. The sad thing is that I absolutely do like/love the game, but because the roster is incomplete I just don’t play the game.

Recently bought Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Edition. Didn’t have much of an interest in the game before there was a complete release, but when there was I decided I’d jump in. Which was a good decision cause it’s great.

Never picked up Tekken 7, SC6, or Street Fighter 5. What’s the point if they’re incomplete rosters?

blackblades845d ago

People want it, fighting games been releasing left and right these days. VF was like the only one that was a no show.

Vanfernal845d ago

Well if they don't plan on using rollback netcode they might as well not bother. So far my VF matches have gone from "playable" to lag fests. I was really rooting for this game but they dropped the ball with the netcode.

WheatBread845d ago

I don't expect much from Sega these days.


Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown is fully playable on PC thanks to this unlocker

Owners of Yakuza 6 can use this unlocker in order to play Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown without booting Yakuza 6.

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boing1889d ago

It's crazy that this game is inside of another game :)


Coming Soon to Xbox Game Pass for Console: Final Fantasy XV, Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Xbox Wire: "We teased on Twitter that February was going to be a really, really good month, and I am here to confirm its really good status. We’ve got games, we’ve got betas, we’ve got Xbox Game Pass Quests, and we’ve even got a leap day in the month to play. Let’s jump in."

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CaptainCook1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

It's the Final Fantasy Royal Edition, it includes all the DLCs for Windows 10 and Xbox consoles.


Thunder_G0d_Bane1328d ago

Yeah im happy, not played FF15 yet and right now gamepass is offering me 3 months for £1 on my PC. its a no brainer

1328d ago
Razmiran1328d ago

All dlc except for the Ardyn Story I think

CaptainCook1328d ago

That's included as well. I've just checked the game on Xbox Game Pass app.

Razmiran1328d ago

Oh great then!