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Octopath Traveler Preview - Square Enix's upcoming Octopath Traveler is one of the best looking games that this year has to offer. In addition to its graphics, its story and combat are unparalleled. It's a game packed with content that gamers will come to love.

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LoveSpuds109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I am excited for this game, but will be looking for the opinions of respectable commentators. If you want people to respect your opinions and reviews stop publishing your bullshit clickbait stuff, my browser will not be seeking you guys out for reviews and previews.

emiyaxtousaka109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

I run the SEO for the website, was brought on not too long ago, and I just wanted to address this. Our articles aren't clickbait. We've actually had these discussions before. Our writers are just brutally honest with their titles and opinions and that's the way the EiC wants it, regardless of what I think. As long as the points are backed up tough, there's no problem with it as far as we're concerned and that's not clickbait or fake news. we actually encourage civil discourse and discussion because we love hearing other points of view.

I apologize for being so off topic and will not address this again.


LoveSpuds109d ago (Edited 109d ago )

That's just it though, your opinions aren't backed up squire.

Let's focus on your earlier article for example, where you claim Spiderman is over hyped, there are so many conflicting statements in it that it makes no sense.

The article is littered with opinions like '...the combat is exquisite' and then goes on to states about the combat ' I am not writing it off just yet. It's not bad, in fact its fun'. It goes on to praise other aspects of the game before sumising that the game will be good rather than great.

It's the same jumbled up nonsense as when you stated that Hyrule Warriors was better than Zelda, or that Nintendo has already won 2018 (whatever that means) or that Quantum Break is the best MS exclusive, how about your piece on single player games becoming obsolete.

You may be satisfied that your perspectives are somehow backed up, but thats the beauty of opinions, I can back my opinions up too, how fortunate for you that your opinions are so often contrarian, a mere coincidence I am sure.

emiyaxtousaka109d ago


We never said that Hyrule Warriors was better, only that it was more enjoyable due to the story if I remember correctly.

We have several writers with differing opinions on things and we give them a solid amount of freedom. I disagree about Quantum Break but it is vastly underrated. As far as spider-man, I was able to watch and talked with Morgan about it. The combat is a lot of fun and fits spider-man really well, but, it the game appears to be so similar to Arkham Knight, not just with combat. And the point about combat was that you could get away with merely button mashing and it wasn't entirely intuitive. We've had disagreements. I disagree with most of the articles you're referring to but they have valid points.

This isn't what this thread is about though, so please if you have questions or want to continue this please PM me or Morgan. This is about Octopath Traveler.

TallonIV109d ago

This game will be the sleeper hit of 2018. Demo was awesome.

anakinskywalker67109d ago

I actually really want the Bravely games on Nintendo Switch. I have an xbox one and switch, and, I think the Switch is perfect for Square Enix.

Zeldafan64108d ago

up rezzed with some extra content

The 10th Rider109d ago

From what I've played so far in the demo it's one of the best modern takes on classic JRPG's. If the story holds up throughout, each character feels valuable and worth playing as, and the side content is meaningful then I can see it getting some awfully high praise.

HeyHeyHeyGaming109d ago

Look forward to the upcoming release!

michellelynn0976108d ago

This game is gonna be a contender for GOTY.

Zeldafan64107d ago

It would be nice but it's never going to happen. I really hate 90% of gaming media.

michellelynn0976107d ago

Don't say that. Early previews are getting such rave reviews.