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Spider-Man Preview E3 2018 - Spider-Man is one of the most hyped games for 2018 and was playable at E3. Does it live up to the hype? Read our preview to find out!

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Community200d ago
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-Foxtrot200d ago

Overhyped lol

I think with how "some" games get reviewed, we all know the ones, I don't think journalists gave a shit about things being overhyped.

emiyaxtousaka200d ago

Well BoTW was severely overhyped yet look at the 10s across the board. Don't trust critics and never will.

-Foxtrot200d ago

Final Fantasy XIII

Grand Theft Auto IV

Metal Gear Solid V

Some Call of Duty games


So on...

UCForce200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

@Foxtrot I agree with you on that one. I I remember people made a dumb comparison between BOTW and Horizon Zero Dawn. Some people said Horizon Zero Dawn is “average” game which is their opinion. That game have been praised by Critics and consumer alike. What Zelda Breath of The Wild have ? Sure, the gameplay is a main spotlight but the story and the character are just subpar. The machine in HZD is the main spotlight of the game with engaging gameplay, great story, great graphics and great character development. The machine has unique look and they act differently.

Kosic200d ago

True and botw wasn't even that great in my opinion.

Imalwaysright200d ago (Edited 200d ago )


Is that your own version of the dumb comparisons? Seems like it.

UCForce200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

@imalwaysright Ok, how about this comparison ? Why people didn’t complain about Breath of The Wild season pass which you have to buy hard mode behind the paywall ? Horizon Zero Dawn have dlc which is expansive pack and it’s worth more than BOTW season pass. Also, GG give players ultra hard mode for free.

Imalwaysright200d ago


You're on a roll today. Keep 'em coming because the hypocrisy and irony are so damn amusing!

199d ago
Theknightofnights199d ago (Edited 199d ago )


"Ok, how about this comparison ? Why people didn’t complain about Breath of The Wild season pass which you have to buy hard mode behind the paywall ? Horizon Zero Dawn have dlc which is expansive pack and it’s worth more than BOTW season pass. Also, GG give players ultra hard mode for free."

And the Horizon DLC was appropriately rated higher than both Zelda DLC's. Also, people did complain about hard mode. Not sure what you are going on about.

NecrumOddBoy199d ago

BOTW didn't deserve a 10. If the "Zelda" name wasn't attached, it would have never seen even an 8. That was overhype and those perfect scores aren't justified by facts. GTA IV was another over hyped game given so many 10s.

mrmikew2018199d ago

Yeah after completing the game and it’s DLC, the game was really a disappointment overall.

Kribwalker199d ago


you could add GOW to that list as well while you’re at it. Maybe make it seem like a little less of a troll comment. Because GOW was great, but it was not 94/100 great.

-Foxtrot199d ago


How the hell is listing 5 multiplatform games trolling?

Kribwalker199d ago


your OG comment is all about nintendo games (BOTW specifically) Everyone can see that as you bring that game up at every opportunity you have to try to downplay it 😉

Skull521199d ago

You could insert any Sony exclusives into that title and it would be correct.

doggo84199d ago (Edited 199d ago )


"you could add GOW to that list as well while you’re at it. Maybe make it seem like a little less of a troll comment. Because GOW was great, but it was not 94/100 great."

Lmao, still crying over God of war I see. What hurts more? The fact that It's PS4 exclusive? Or that it sold 5 million in a month, breaking multiple records all round. What a pity your beloved console has nothing that can compare to GOW quality.

Should be interesting to see how you'll react when TLOU 2 releases.

WadeSeven199d ago


could'nt desagree more. Horizon was indeed fresh from creative and graphical perspective but it was somewhat very shallow in comparison to BOTW. Aside from the combat mechanics it was riddled with fetch quests and towns with nothing to do...take note that i finished horizon on almost 100% completion, quite enjoyed it, but BOTW as a cohesive phisics engine that let's you experiment things.

cyx199d ago

Gotta agree to disagree. You shouldnt trust critics yes thats true but im not going to be ignorant. Botw did deserve all the praise it recieved especially for the platform its on. it is a console calibur open world zelda experience on a hybrid console. Youre out of your mind if you really are trying to downplay botw. Its easy to downplay any game when its been out for a year and Every game has flaws but when botw dropped it was turning heads and selling switches like hotcakes. Lets not be dumb here if botw released on the most popular console this gen no one would be talking shit about the scores it got. Stop turning this stuff into a fan war. Back to the original topic though... Spiderman will be amazing!

michellelynn0976199d ago

BOTW deserved what it got. Ok I guess we should not trust critics on GOW huh? Gotcha.

DivineAssault 199d ago

BoTW was a good game though. Overrated just like Odyssey but they were good. I dont take reviews from critics as the gospel truth but they give me an idea if the game has quality. Not just one site but a general idea if its well made. Ive been let down a few times but i do get good games more often than not based on feedback from critics.

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Born2Game83200d ago

Yeah every game is overhyped if it fits your narrative.

Jinger199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

Not that it fits an agenda necessarily, but if it fits your taste. Some games I just don't know how they get high scores because I find them boring. I hardly go by reviews strictly anymore. I'll go by my own taste and a select few friends that share my taste.

rainslacker199d ago

Any person can consider any game overhyped. It doesn't necesarrily mean that the game is over hyped. About the only thing that really judges if a game is overhyped is if the hype doesn't live up to the final results based on consensus of those who play it or talk about it.

Many games which get the random person say they're over hyped tend to deserve the hype they got based on community consensus, but that doesn't mean an individual won't think that it was overhyped.

In the end, one person saying it's over hyped means nothing more than that that person expressing their opinion on the game, and it really shouldn't affect someone else's praise or thoughts on the game.

Steveoreno1199d ago

@rainslacker I think I got smarter reading your comment. Thank you sir. I'm super hyped for DQ 11, but I'm sure many are not. Great pionts.

pwnmaster3000200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

if I was gonna pick any game for any console to follow the hype, it will probably be this game. From what I seen, this is exactly what I want from a Spider-Man game. I can already see myself spending a lot of time swinging around the city and exploring and seeing how the civilians react to seeing me. So f***ing dope to me lol.

But real talk. What’s with this sudden trend to hate one the ps4? Hella haters lol

sampsonon200d ago (Edited 200d ago )

nothing sudden about it. sony keeps pumping out great exclusives and the media tries to discredit them.


there's your answer.

ImGumbyDammit199d ago


You need to take off your tinfoil hate. There is no media cabal against Sony.

rainslacker199d ago

Just par for the course. Each successive games starts to ramp up the hate before release. Doesn't mean anything when the game finally releases. After release, we'll get all sorts of opinion pieces on why it is terrible and is actually failing, despite positive critical reception, loads of people loving the game, and high sales.

The media just likes to fail over and over again, and it gives the fan boys something to fight about as they at least have a few places that will vindicate their trolling so they can say how they've been right all along, despite never once having a single ounce of personal experience to base their arguments on.

TallonIV199d ago

It's a sony exclusive, of course it's over hyped lol

UCForce199d ago (Edited 199d ago )

You and @LordJamar Well, you two have no love for PS brand. You guys just hate them with your agenda.

trooper_199d ago

If this is overhyped, then journalism has reached an all time low.

There hasn't been a great Spiderman game in years - of course people are excited. How this translates to overhype, who knows.

Kribwalker199d ago

i’m excited for spider-man. I don’t think it’s overhyped either. It’ll be exciting to see what insomniac has done with this

gapecanpie199d ago

Looks like every other Spider Man game before it in terms of gameplay the only difference is this one is riddle with QTEs and the way certain fanboys go on about it I have to agree that it is overhyped. Who knew QTEs were so revolutionary lol 😂

DivineAssault 199d ago

Nah. Journalists dont care. If they get a free review copy, its automatically going to get higher praise. Plus if they shat on the game, the publishers are less likely to give them more free shit to try out

-Foxtrot199d ago

Gotta keep those press kits coming in

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UCForce200d ago

Overhyped ? No. It’s just feel right.

NeoGamer232199d ago

This is not the first article that has said this.

I am not saying it is or is not, because personally I have only seen what Sony has published on the game.

But, in watching the demos, I haven't seen anything exceptionally new yet saying to me that, "this Spider-Man game brings something to the table I haven't seen in a Spider-Man or batman game yet".

UCForce199d ago

It’s more close to Spider Man 2 PS2 which is great thing. Because people including myself want to have a good Spider Man game for very long time. I think Spider Man PS4 will do just that.

SolidGamerX199d ago

Very few games bring anything new, doesn't mean Spider-Man doesn't deserve the hype for being a great game.

NeoGamer232198d ago

So, what is making this game so worthy of extra hype?

OB1Biker200d ago

About the combat the article starts with:
'the combat in Spider-Man is incredibly enjoyable. It’s exquisite.'...
And concludes with:
'so I’m not writing it off just yet. It’s not bad, it’s just a lot to take in at once. For some players, it may be too much to take in.'

Wtf? Haha
Not reading further ta.

mrmikew2018199d ago

Yeah the article is a bit all over the place.

HeyHeyHeyGaming200d ago

Excited to get my hands on this. Haven’t seen a Spider-Man game looking this good since the PS2.

rutgersfan28200d ago

Those old ones were actually fun. I actually hope that they build a whole universe around these games. I mean The Raft is a SHIELD prison. It would be pretty sick.

oKidUKo200d ago

I'm all aboard the hype train for this, with it being the deciding factor on me owning a ps4 - as well as xbox. Everything i've seen so far is awesome and it was a smart move to show the Sinister Six

rutgersfan28200d ago

The article says it plays a bit like Arkham and if true I'm all aboard. Looks really good.