Amy Hennig on Uncharted: "You could always jump back in"

She thinks there's plenty more stories to tell if the need arose.

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chrisx2215d ago

I agree. a long break is much needed though. I think we'll still see uncharted again sometime in the far future.

sprinterboy2215d ago

If that rumoured new studio is working on uncharted then expect uncharted to be a 1st year launch ps5 title

shuvam092215d ago

Sony, are you reading this???
Maybe you can persuade her to lead the new team...
No creative clashes...

bouzebbal2215d ago

Still waiting for Uncharted Team Racing.. Amy if you read me 🤣🤣😂

oasdada2215d ago

@Shu.. Shu.. Shuwarma?
What i get from this is that now she wants back but she doesnt want to go to sony her self but she is leaving behind hints and want Sony to come to her.. But frankly if that does happen i want her to make her own brand new game

ShadowWolf7122215d ago


All due respect, but after reading what she had planned for Uncharted 4... not sure if I'd be behind that.

scofios2214d ago

Would love if the next uncharted is an adventure of young Sully , before he met Nathan .

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-Foxtrot2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Exactly. We'll see it again someday. I just want a game with Chloe and Cutter, something Lost Legacy should have been. Sam and Nadine were part of Uncharted 4, the final Drake story, I think everything from that should be retired. Only person to come back in a supporting, cameo, role is Sully with his connections. So many things to go search for.

Holy Grail
Arc of the Covenant
Hy-Brasil (The Phantom Island off the west coast of Island, read up on it, it's interesting)
Treasure of the Knights Templar
Oak Island money pit
The Lost Fabergé Eggs
The Lost City of Z
The Kingdom of Lyonesse
Lost City of the Kalahari

So on :)

victorMaje2214d ago

Yes yes yes to all of those adventures! So many places, so many stories!
Oh & I think you mean Yggdrasil (Hy-Brasil)?

-Foxtrot2214d ago (Edited 2214d ago )


No, very different but your suggestion is always another possibility

Hy-Brasil was an Phantom Island off the west coast of Island which was apparently so real they charted it on old maps for decades. People used to come back and talk about the Island like they had been there, sometimes bringing back foreign looking items.

They say that it was home to a race far technological superior to the rest of the world and while Europe and the like were basically acting like barbarians they sheltered themselves away as they didn't want to be associated with us.

It was also said the island would be clouded in a thick mist and could only be see from the coast of Island once every 7 years. Even then however you could still not reach it but then it contradicts tales of people who said they had been their and brought some items back when they were trading with the strange looking people there.

Now does this mean I want Uncharted to go all Indiana Jones Crystal Skull on us? No no, of course not but I'm sure they can put their own spin on it.



victorMaje2214d ago


That’s the one, for some reason my brain went with the word Yggdrasil, sorry about that.
At some point Hy-Brasil was also thought to have possibly been Atlantis.

Last_Boss2214d ago

Best post in a long time.

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morganfell2214d ago

I do not think a long break is needed, merely a different approach. Look at The Lost Legacy. I enjoyed that far more than U4 because it was less heavy handed in the drama department. Sometimes there is just too much of that. It is why the first Die Hard is still better than the sequels.

Uncharted doesn't have to be Nate. I would love to see a game with Sully when he was about 30 years old.

CaptainOmega2215d ago

I think making another game with Chloe and Nadine/Sam/Cutter would be a good point to jump back in.

Loktai2215d ago

I was going to say you know, because he was supposedly jailed it makes it tougher but, something that happened to Sam during all those years apart, I mean look hes clearly still in-the-know and a treasure hunter, in spite of it all he seems like he could easily have been doing something else in the meantime.

sprinterboy2215d ago

What about doing a full uncharted storyline with a young sully :) pls make it happen

nucky642215d ago

that would be awesome!

Kyizen2215d ago

So they should make a game based on the movie (its about young drake and sully) which is based on a game ^_^

Null19802215d ago

Kyizen They should can the movie & make it a game.... eventually. Not now.

But yea, they still seem persistent on it. :\

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Null19802215d ago

I'm with you Drachen. Maybe some Sully cameos.

Lost Legacy exceeded my expectations, I was cautious before whether Chloe and Nadine could carry the game.

Well, I guess you already spoiled it, lol, but the Sam appearance later in the game just made it stronger.

What I liked about Lost Legacy is that it actually felt like an OLD school Tomb Raider. Not the reboots. Of course the really old TRs control terribly these days, like tanks, but the concepts of level design and sense of adventure were still great for those late 90s days.

It was a nice fresh direction with the Uncharted franchise. Felt UC enough, but also fresh in other ways. Lots of tombs, puzzles. Plenty of combat. Some moments where I was just in awe of the beauty of the scenery.

I'd still like to see some sort of mainstream Uncharted game in the future, but I wouldn't mind at least another Chloe, Nadine, Sam (& Sully or Cutter?) I l do enjoy the new Tomb Raider reboots for what they are, don't get me wrong. The story and character acting just isn't as engaging, especially with the new darker, grittier tone. I loved that Chloe could carry the sarcastic wit (and Nadine, Sam) into this new one.

Heavenly King2215d ago

I want a game with Sully and Sam. Chloe and Nadine already got their game.

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Jls12215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Similar to what they did with chloe in lost legacy, they could do with elena we dont know too much about her family

Loktai2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

We kind of do, she was a reporter/journalist type. Everything up until she met Nathan would be a huge normie-life block and basically have to be something more like a drama... to change it would change the character totally.

You know what I want to see? Sully's past.

FyBy2215d ago

Im saying that ! Sully ! That is great character .

Null19802215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if they go that direction. Not only is he a fascinating and capable character, but it would be great to have some time period set pieces.

Uncharted wiki pointing out some interesting topics they could go off of. Particularly his Navy years and fall into crime. Sort of a Better Call Saul, for those who watch it. His fall (or rise?) into the guy he is today!


"As a young adult, Victor served in the US Navy,[1] although he was later dishonourably discharged for running illegal scams.[2]

Victor entered the criminal business, where he operated as both a smuggler and free-lance thief, accepting contracts from clients without asking too many questions, although he bared a tendency of double-crossing them.[3] Victor once even dealt with the infamous drug lord Hector Alcázar where he sold his boss a few woodcut prints which had managed to smuggle out from Japan. [4] At some later, he eventually came under the patronage of Katherine Marlowe, and the two developed a romantic relationship.[5]"

AK912215d ago

Is Amy interested in creating more Uncharted games I wonder.