Shawn Layden: 9 takeaways from Sony’s worldwide game studios chief

Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shawn Layden covers his history with the company, the PS3 dark ages, publishing decisions, and more.

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rivaldoo777237d ago

We love you Shawn!! Keep bringing us them stellar exclusives!!! We dont care about cross-play.

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Bhai236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

About opening up more at E3, his quotes:

"In the states, I think, we do this thing in December called PlayStation Experience."

"We were there last December (PSX), and it was amazing to see what was on stage. We had five, six, seven creators all there on stage, all coming from Worldwide Studios to talk about the triple-A games that they’re working on in more detail, more in this format."

"I still think E3 is by and large a trade show. It’s there for the big sales and marketing push around your titles going into the holiday period."

Layden pretty much 'laid-down' the whole strategy here, not like we've not known this before but yeah, more confirmation that E3 is not the only show for PlayStation... the whole year's a PS year ;)

SuperSonic91236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Does Sony have the right number of first-party developers and studios for the console war? 

"For Worldwide Studios now, our output, the number of teams we have, I think it’s about the right size for what we need to do. We’re never going to be like Nintendo, holding the lion’s share of the Nintendo platform game business, because that’s not the way we work. We want to make the PlayStation platform available to all of our third-partners. I think we build success for PlayStation by getting as many people inside the tent as possible that aren’t necessarily controlled by Worldwide Studios. 

For Worldwide Studios, our road to success is not necessarily measured by how many studios or how many people I have. It’s if we’re creating significant, impactful, important content that’s either first, best, or must-have products. I don’t really think it’s a numbers game like that." 

Thank goodness PlayStation is a 3rd Party Partner Fist platform unlike Nintendo. 
They want 3rd party to flourish on PlayStation first. Staying true to the original PlayStation's mandate. 
They knew that was Nintendo and Sega's weakness. Nintendo is so prideful and will do down with that pride. 
PlayStation has the best business model. Xbox tried to copy that but they can't duplicate the inner workings of PS4 business.

Apocalypse Shadow237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Thanks Shawn for the hard work.

But could you go back and look on the shelf and get me a copy of 8 Days, Syphon Filter and The Getaway please?

And if you can get Noriyuki Asakura from Tenchu,Way of the Samurai and Rurouni Kenshin to do the soundtrack for Ghost of Tushima.

Ok. Thanks. Bye.

Oh. And, can we get a Bruce Lee game made with the same attention to detail as uncharted, horizon, the last of us, gow,gt, spiderman,etc after ghost of tushima?

I would really like to be formless, shapeless like water.

Appreciate it.

BiggerBoss236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Idk about Bruce lee😂 But I would LOVE a new Syphon Filter game.


Aceman18236d ago

I loved The Gateway do want a sequel for that. Also Syphon Filter is a must too.

Bhai236d ago

Syphon Filter all the way <3

kneon236d ago

How about a sci-fi game with an actual story and compelling characters? I've been playing the destiny 2 free weekend for a few hours and I still don't care about the story and can't remember any character names because they just aren't important to what's going on.

Apocalypse Shadow236d ago (Edited 236d ago )

Hopefully, Naughty Dog makes Savage Starlight for next Gen.

There's your scifi and story right there. And, it would be a new IP.

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PhoenixUp237d ago

“In some ways you can look at the rise of the PlayStation — sometimes it reads like a Greek drama.”

Hence why Kratos is the most symbolic character for the PlayStation brand.

UCForce237d ago

Keep doing what you do, Shawn. A great exclusive game that you delivered and I hope you will continue to do so in the future.

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