Sony in Blu-ray push for Xmas

The Blu-ray computer disc format will receive a hefty boost in Australia as a number of multinationals promote their high-definition players in the pre-Christmas period.

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 4716d ago

Can't wait for Dark Knight only on BluRay

Shaka2K64716d ago

1080p video, 7.1 HD Sound.

sucks the xbug 3rd60 will never be able to play the Dark Knight on Blu-ray since it has no games.

Lolliflop Lolliflop 4716d ago

No Digital Download release for the best movie of the Year

Raoh4716d ago

got mine on reserve the same day it was available..

anyone thinking about just strolling into a store to get one at anytime that week is a fool...

the month of xmas?

Dark Knight?

both the dvd and blu ray come with a digital copy?

not to mention the heath ledger controversy is still out there so expect some collectors and curious movie watchers who havent seen the film yet.

cant wait to watch this one at home on blu ray.

ReBurn4716d ago

I wonder how costly tech like Blu-Ray will do this holiday season. The whole world is tightening their belts due to the global economic slowdown, so it's possible that luxury items like home theaters will struggle for sales.

beta junkie4716d ago

Well then should blu-ray hence Sony adapt to the current economic situation and lower the overblown price for the blu ray. Bah economic slowing down? A myth or just a shift of ownership?

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