How Sony Is Leading The Charge With The Best Looking Console Exclusives – Part 1

An in-depth analysis on how Sony is able to develop an amazing line-up of great looking games for over a decade.

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gameseveryday202d ago

What? What is non-sense about this? Sony is indeed the leading the charge. Their history speaks for itself.

chrisx202d ago

dude I can't believe you just replied this guy, one of the most notorious PS hater on this site. any good news about PS gives this guy serious pains. your replies are better spent elsewhere.

Deep-throat202d ago

Sony have the best graphics compared to others? Nonsense.

Not to mention the 360 has a better GPU compared to the PS3's.

Razzer202d ago

“Not to mention the 360 has a better GPU compared to the PS3's.”

And yet PS3s first party looked better than anything on 360.

TheHan202d ago

History of the lack of competition in the past. Yes this is such an achievement back during the Playstation 1 days. The old glory days that Sony will never get back hahaha.

S2Killinit202d ago

Sony is boss thats how. MS is a big software corporation who bought its way into the industry and has had no historical ties to gaming or entrrtainment in general.

Skull521202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Guess gamingbolt is gonna be a credible source this time around I imagine.

BiggerBoss202d ago

Deepthroat knows that PlayStation exclusives look better.

He just likes to troll and make people angry.

343_Guilty_Spark202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Halo 4 looked better than any PS3 game.

Microsoft has no gaming ties? They were making games in the DOS era. You are ignorant.

BiggerBoss202d ago


LMAO, Halo 4 isn't even the best looking 360 game 😂😂😂

You're embarrassing yourself, bro.

Razzer202d ago

"Halo 4 looked better than any PS3 game. "


Skull521202d ago

Halo 4 did look like a next gen game. When they do finally get it patched for the Xbox One X and the resolution is boosted significantly, it is going to look better than a lot of game out this generation. There was nothing on PS3 that came close.

RedDevils202d ago

@Skull521 did you actually read or listen to yourself or are you actually serious LMAO

BiggerBoss202d ago


You make it pretty damn obvious that you NEVER played a game on Ps3.

Because not only is Halo not the best looking 360 game, but it damn sure is NOT better looking than any PS3 game 😂😂😂

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AspiringProGenji202d ago

Pretty much Your presence in this site in one world ^

paintedgamer1984202d ago

Ikr 😂😂😂 uncharted 2 alone looked better than anything on the 3fixme... in my opinion killzone 2/3 were the best looking ps3 game by a pretty large margin. Nevermind tlou, heavy rain, uncharted 3, god of war 3, beyond 2 souls, mgs4... all shit all over ms's BEST CONSOLE 💩

ClanPsi1202d ago

@paintedgamer1984: Heh, 3fixme. I've never heard that before. It made me chuckle, and then face-palm when I remembered there are still millions of people who support XBox. -_-

202d ago
2pacalypsenow202d ago

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Deep-throat202d ago

I do have a problem with people who spread incorrect information.

Razzer202d ago

Problem is with yourself then

2pacalypsenow202d ago

Please explain what incorrect information is being spread?

DialgaMarine202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

So explain to everyone what the misinformation here is? Your argument is about as effective as if I were to say Xbox has never had a good exclusive, and then ducking and refusing to elaborate.

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sactownlawyer916202d ago

Name one Xbox or (scoff) Switch exclusive that looks better than God of War/Detroit. I’ll wait.

Deep-throat202d ago

Better? No. Comparable: Ryse, Gears of War 4, Quantum Break, Forza Horizon 3

yeahright2202d ago

@deep. Let that sink in. even with "the world's most powerful console EVA!" you can't name a single MS game that looks better than the last couple Sony exclusives.

KickSpinFilter202d ago

And the salty rod continues to grow, ripping flesh, tearing orifices, and growing rage, jealousy and hate.
The PS4 destroys your sleep and your wake.

UCForce202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Nope, you are the one who made so many dumb statements.That’s why people won’t take you seriously. I know you won’t reply because you just scared.

Dragonscale202d ago

@deep, god of war looks better than anything so far released on any other console this gen and probably pc as well. Keep crying lol.

Father__Merrin202d ago

If it's nonsense can you show us games as good? No you can't, being angry and typing things on the internet won't make Xbox have good games all of a sudden.

The gen is now written off for Microsoft. If they don't turn it around next gen then I'm afraid Xbox will be sold off or go software only, Would love halo on PlayStation

WickedLester202d ago

The Dead Sea contains less salt that you do.

Lime123202d ago

1. God of War (94)
2. Uncharted 4 (93)
3. Persona 5 (93)
4. Bloodborne (92)
5. Shadow of the Colossus (91)


1. Forza Horizon 3 (91)

yeahright2202d ago

That's not fair and you know it. japanese games don't count, indies don't count, and sony exclusives don't count. Now do you little list over again and you'll clearly see MS wins the exclusive argument.

paintedgamer1984202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Burn 😂



BiggerBoss202d ago

You should know, facts don't matter to Xbox fans. The only things that matter are Forza and Gears of war.

DialgaMarine202d ago

He tries. Give him some credit though; trolling can be an exhausting endeavor.

Ceaser9857361202d ago

come one guys.. This dude is a troll and seeks attention and hates PlayStation.. You all don't owe him an explanation.. Leave him alone and he will disappear.. Internet is filled with such 5 year old trolls..

DialgaMarine202d ago

So what other exclusives on console look better than Uncharted 4, BloodBorne, Horizon ZD, God of War, TLoU2, Ghost, Spider Man, or Death Stranding? I know you’re not really this dumb or out of touch, and you simply just want to annoy and piss people. I remember when I was 14. You could at least make a little more interesting and attempt to back your trolling up though. Your method is just boring.

Rimeskeem202d ago

Can this guy be banned already?

nvm, N4G doesnt give a rats ass about spam comments like these. Only if you say something inappropriate or xbot or ps pony or whatever.

doggo84201d ago

People say this is a PS only website, when in actuality it's infested with desperate xbox fanboys

TheTony316202d ago

Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, TLOU and GOW3 looked better than anything the 360 had to offer. The 360 had a more powerful GPU but the PS3 still was the more powerful system overall.

getbacktogaming202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Graphically the Xbox 360 was inferior as far as exclusives but superior with third party until late in the 7th gen... This time around Sony was destroying Xbox in both exclusives and third parties until late last year gaining an edge with third parties (with the arrival of the Xbox One X). I do hope Xbox will return to the success they had last gen with the 9th gen but in the meanwhile I am very happy with my PS4 and I haven't looked back once. I do slightly prefer the Xbox controller but even if the Xbox One has a had a couple good exclusives the recurring ones seem to have a lesser impact vs last gen... Halo and Gears sorely miss their former studios...

morganfell202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Hurts so bad you needed to be the first one in. Bu..bu...bu...native 4k. Take your silly chalkboard and go home. Made even more hilarious by the lack of native 4k. The beast....right?

"Guess gamingbolt is gonna be a credible source this time around I imagine."

You guessed wrong. Remember that, you are wrong. The fact is even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Godmars290202d ago

"Sony have the best graphics compared to others? Nonsense."

Where is the Xbox's Uncharted?

butchertroll202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Looks like Xbone fans are delusional again.

X360 had the better GPU than PS3, but PS3 had a lot better CPU than in X360 which was able to draw graphics alone without GPU and combined with RSX, PS3 produced much better graphics in first party games. X360 only could dream. Sadly 3rd party devs didn't utilize PS3 as they should because game development for PS3 was difficult.

UCForce202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

You, @343-Guilty-Spark, @Skull521 and @Han All of you have agenda against Sony and PlayStation and you guys hate them so much. That’s make you guys want them to be kicked out of competition and want someone to buy Sony brand.

If you guys “think” Sony is the “worst”, wait for Tencent come to America and see how you guys would react to that. If you guy don’t know Tencent is, they are biggest Chinese gaming company and they can be bigger than MS,Nintendo, Apple and any other companies as well. They are much worse than any companies because Tencent never care about consumers, not even once or neither tiny complaints and Tencent got fully support by their Chinese Government. Like I said, if Tencent come to America, they will do much worse.

Edit: I’m not fan of Tencent, but when come to biggest company around the world and MS,Sony, Nintendo are the joke to Tencent.

dreue202d ago

Deep lol always you..... Go to sea of no water.... And do a state of decay....

doggo84202d ago

Why do you even try when (I'm sure) even you know you are flat out wrong?

doggo84202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Lmao Horizon zero dawn (let alone uncharted 4, God of war, ratchet and clank) is not only better than any new IP on xbox (we're looking at first party) , it also wipes the floor with any xbox exclusive visually (both first and second party) Open world or not. Then you get the order 1886, which in pure image quality terms, is by far the best looking game ever made.

TLOU 2 looks so good, it's forcing xbox fanboys to scream "fake" "scripted" (even though games they brag about i.e. Gears 4, Ryse, quantum break, etc. are scripted As fuck) and I can guarantee when TLOU 2 releases, it will be the best looking game on all consoles. Just like uncharted 4, Uncharted LL, God of war,
Horizon and ratchet were in leagues of their own when they released. Just go to digital foundry analysis of games like uncharted 4, God of war and Horizon.

AmUnRa201d ago

I did not expect an other answer from you, deepthroat, you are so wrong and so full of it. But wat do you expect, when someone is wrong in 90% of his comments it is you. But you are a well knowed troll.

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chrisx202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Sony has been leading the charge with the best looking exclusives since PS1 till current day. those games are the reason why millions and millions of people game on the PS mainly.

assassin2k202d ago

I mostly agree, but I would say the PS2 era was the one place where they didn't necessarily lead the pack. The Xbox OG was mote powerful. I'm a Sony fanboy, I even have a tattoo, so I'm not saying this as a salty xbot.

jznrpg202d ago

But Xbox came out later and didn’t have many games that were good beyond a a few PC ports and MS ditched it really fast. PS2 has one of the largest libraries of every genre if not the largest

DialgaMarine202d ago

It’s a fair statement. OG Xbox did have some great looking games at the time, but the only problem was it barely had any games to really justify the hardware.

Silly gameAr201d ago

I actually enjoyed the OG xbox. Ninja Gaiden Black, State of Emergency, Unreal Tournament, Halo 2, ect. Had a blast on xbox back then.

assassin2k202d ago

Sorry but I really didn't phrase my comment well. I was referring to graphically. Meaning Xbox games looked better. I am in no way saying Xbox had better games. PS2 ruled the roost and even gamecube had better game IMHO.

bluefox755202d ago (Edited 202d ago )

Not just the best looking exclusives, the best looking games period, on any console.

BiggerBoss202d ago ShowReplies(1)
Majin-vegeta202d ago

And its only going to get worse for the compeitition.

GNCFLYER202d ago

Thanks for the link. This needs to be submitted if it hasn't been.

It's the reason I'm a PS gamer. Next big one on the list Spiderman.